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In December 2020, our Pakistani international student Hanif's "Life in China Studying in China under the Epidemic" was published in the "International Education Exchange" (December 2020 · Issue 128) magazine sponsored by the China Education International Exchange Association. Published.



Participate in the "Perception of China" cultural experience activities.


Zheng Han (Hanif Khattak), from Pakistan, is a graduate student of 2017 mechanical design and manufacturing and automation major of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, a Chinese government scholarship student, and his tutor is a distinguished professor of Feitian Scholars of Gansu Province and a doctoral supervisor. long. Published "Volume Change and Area of Exhaust Hole Change of Double Profiles Scroll Compressor" in International Core Journal of Engineering, and "Recent Advances on the Electric Vehicle Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems" in Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering. He has won the Bronze Award of the Fifth "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and second place in softball throwing of our school games.


In the article "Life of Studying Abroad in China under the Epidemic", Zheng Han explained from his own perspective what he saw and heard while studying in China through the Chinese learning experience, perceiving Chinese culture, helping environmental protection, and fighting the new crown epidemic. He said that in May 2020, President Xi Jinping’s reply to Pakistani students fully demonstrated China’s concern for international students. He was honored to be a witness to all this and thanked the Chinese government and Lanzhou University of Technology for the learning opportunities they provided. The full text is as follows:


Life in China under the epidemic

In September 2017, I came to China from Pakistan to study and started a very beautiful experience. A lot of things happened in this city of Lanzhou and Lanzhou University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Lanzhou University of Technology"). We enjoyed it and made me like this city and this school.


Mandarin study

My real name is Hanif Khattak. In the first year of studying Chinese in China, I had a Chinese name "Zheng Han". Chinese has a long history of development. It is very interesting to learn but also very challenging. After one year of study, my Chinese level has improved a lot. Because of my interest in Chinese culture, I went to many cities, such as Xi’an, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Suzhou. During the trip, I tasted delicious food, saw the beautiful buildings, and took the Chinese high-speed rail. Through communication with friends from all over the world, my Chinese level has been greatly improved. China and Pakistan have always been friendly. As an international student, I hope to continue to improve my Chinese and contribute to the friendship between China and Pakistan.



The last lesson of "Chinese Listening"


Perceive Chinese technology

I am currently studying for a master's degree at the Lanzhou University of Technology in mechanical design and manufacturing and automation. My research direction is "vortex machinery", and under the guidance of Professor Peng Bin, I am researching "Analysis of Stress and Deformation of Oil-Free Air Compressor Reels". During my studies, I participated in the "Perceive China" activity together with other international students from the "Belt and Road" countries. In Baiyin, the teacher-led us to visit the industrial park, Baiyinflaming Mountain National Mine Park Museum, and Daping Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park, which made me admire China's engineering technology. Lanzhou University of Technology’s teachers always encourage students, and Professor Peng Bin has been actively guiding my studies and telling me about the “Belt and Road” and even the changes in engineering technology around the world. I also participated in the 5th China University Students "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and won third place. I hope that after graduation, I can stay in China and work in a company I like.


International Cultural Festival

Apart from my busy study life, I can explore and participate in different activities on weekends, such as "sports games" and "cultural festivals". Through these activities, I made some new friends. I once represented Pakistan in the annual International Cultural Festival organized by the International Education Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "National Education Institute"). Every year, international students from about 38 countries participate to showcase their respective cultures, including dances, costumes, and food. The first day was cultural food exchange. We didn't sleep and spent the whole night preparing food and cooking dishes; the second day was a cultural performance, we danced, and the audience liked it very much. This festival allowed me to make friends from all over the world, and it also made me know myself again.



Participate in cultural performances at the International Cultural Exchange Festival


Help environmental protection

Chinese President Xi Jinping initiated the afforestation project (Green China) in April 2019. It is a great honor for the National Education Institute to arrange for us to plant trees in a place with less vegetation in Lanzhou. It was a busy and exhausting day, but when you think of Nelson Henderson’s famous saying, "The true meaning of life lies in the predecessors planting trees and descendants. I feel very proud when I take a shower. In 2019, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan invited Chinese companies to Pakistan to participate in the "Ten Billion Tree Afforestation Program" project, bringing advanced technologies and ecological industrialization models to Pakistan. All countries in the world need such projects to make green and clean air.



During the COVID-19 pandemic this year, my life has changed dramatically. Because university lectures have been switched online, most foreign students have returned to China, and the campus is a little deserted. A few months after the outbreak, everyone was trapped at home. Fortunately, China's efforts to control the epidemic have prevented the epidemic from recurring to a large extent, showing the courage of the Chinese nation. When most of my friends started to return to China, I had this idea, but because the school hadn't finalized my study plan, I stayed. Now I think staying in Lanzhou is one of my wisest decisions. During the epidemic, the careful care of teachers and security personnel from the Lanzhou University of Technology made me feel safe in China. They are very concerned about the safety and health of international students. They also provide us with masks and hand sanitizers and check our body temperature every day.


Our research has not been affected by the epidemic because lectures, assignments, and research are all conducted online. We were quarantined for a long time, but we did not encounter any difficulties in our daily lives. Not allowed to leave the campus and not allowed to participate in gathering activities is actually out of consideration for our safety. But I believe we will return to normal life soon.


The school offers courses for international students in China. Holders of business visas and work visas will return to China after several medical examinations and get a health green code pass from their home country. During this period of time, my compatriots and I used the summer vacation to travel around Lanzhou, and the number of tourist attractions gradually increased, which meant that people felt safe.


At the beginning of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Pakistan, I was very worried about my family because the situation in my province was not very good. Especially my uncle runs a medicine business, he can't close the door for rest, he needs to serve people. The provincial government has implemented an early treatment policy for new coronary pneumonia, treating patients through the Internet and receiving treatment at home, but the situation needs to be improved.


Recently, I discussed the impact of the epidemic on our lives with friends from different countries. In conversations with friends, I noticed that people in different countries have different opinions. Some countries are not optimistic about the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and some countries are doing their best to fight the epidemic. I hope that with the ongoing research and testing by the government and institutions, the new crown vaccine will be available soon.



Group photo after the end of the Chinese course


In May 2020, as a member of Pakistani students coming to China, I am honored to receive a reply letter from Chinese President Xi Jinping to the students. President Xi’s reply shows that he is very concerned about international students, and I am the witness of all this.


Thank the Chinese government, Lanzhou Institute of Technology, and the National Education Institute for giving me the opportunity to study in China and the opportunity to spread peace to the Chinese people. Long live the friendship between China and Pakistan.


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