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GSUT made a typical development



On March 30, 2021, the China Scholarship Council organized a national Chinese government scholarship student training institution and held a briefing on the review of the Chinese government scholarship. As an outstanding institution for the annual review of the Chinese government scholarship in 2020, our school and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Make a typical speech at the meeting.


At the briefing meeting, Liu Hongjun, the deputy dean of the International Education College, gave a report entitled "Fine Service, Comprehensive Consideration, Strict Review", and detailed the school's 2020/2021 annual scholarship review work: First, improve the review system and strengthen system support. Under the guidance of "Chinese Government Scholarship Management Regulations" and "Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review Measures", combined with the actual situation of the school to study in China, the "Lanzhou University of Technology International Student Scholarship Annual Review Measures" and the "Lanzhou University of Technology International Student Comprehensive Quality Assessment" was formulated Implementing Regulations". The second is to clarify the content of the review and quantify the scoring criteria. The "Lanzhou University of Technology International Student Comprehensive Quality Evaluation Implementation Rules" clarifies the evaluation content of course scores, professional college/mentor comprehensive evaluation, daily words and deeds, compliance with laws and regulations, and ability development, and has formulated detailed quantitative assignments for each content. The sub-standards effectively guarantee the accuracy of the review. The third is to refine the review process to ensure the fairness of the review. The work process of student self-evaluation, professional college/international education college preliminary evaluation, school’s international education leadership team’s final evaluation, and evaluation results submission for approval has been formulated. The evaluation work has been reviewed and strictly reviewed to ensure that the evaluation is objective, fair, and accurate. The fourth is to expand the scope of review and achieve full coverage. Beginning in 2020, the school’s international student comprehensive quality evaluation work has achieved full coverage of international students, and the evaluation results are applied to international student evaluation, enrollment, and excellence.


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