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President Scholarship

1. Scholarship introduction

Applicants can apply for the principal's scholarship with HSK Level 4 (above 200 points). The scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, and living expenses: 1,500 yuan/month, which is paid out every 10 months. The scholarship is reviewed once a year. Starting from the second academic year, scholarship qualifications and grades are determined based on individual performance and grades in school.

* Note: The free learning materials and insurance.


2. Types of funding, majors, and language of instruction

Funding categories: undergraduates, master's students, doctoral students

Funding majors: see for details

Teaching language: Chinese


If the Chinese proficiency does not meet the admission standard, it is recommended to study Chinese at the school's own expense for one year. Those who meet the required Chinese proficiency and pass the annual scholarship review will be given priority to be the principal scholarship candidates.


3. Application time

Generally from the beginning of January to the end of June


4. How to apply

Step 1: Apply online

Log in to, fill in the registration form as required, and upload a clear and complete scanned copy of the application materials, pay the registration fee and upload the remittance voucher to the system.


Step 2: Submit paper materials (in duplicate):

( 1) "Lanzhou University of Technology Application Form for International Students";

( 2) A notarized copy of the previous stage academic certificate. Fresh graduates can provide the original pre-graduation certificate issued by their school, and present the original graduation certificate and submit the copy when entering the journal. Texts other than Chinese and English must be provided in Chinese/ English translation;

( 3) A notarized copy of the transcript of the previous stage, and a Chinese/English translation must be provided for texts other than Chinese and English;

( 4) A photocopy of the first page of the passport. Applicants in mainland China also need to provide a photocopy of the current valid visa page or residence permit page;

( 5) Study plan (undergraduate)/research plan (graduate);

( 6) Recommendation letters of two or more professors or associate professors (for graduate students);

( 7) Certificate of no criminal record;

( 8) Copy of valid HSK Level 4 (200 points and above) certificate;

( 9) Valid "Foreigner Physical Examination Form";


Step 3: Students who pass the material review will receive an email about the interview. The interview mainly uses Skype video interview ( Skype ID: study_282 ). Please send your nationality and passport number to Skype after receiving the email. The interview content mainly includes Chinese or English proficiency, basic professional knowledge, and comprehensive ability.



1) Paper application materials can be entrusted to others or delivered to the International Education College of Lanzhou University of Technology by courier. For more information, please refer to the contact information.

2) All application materials will not be returned.

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