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The Lanzhou University of Technology is located in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province. It is a university jointly established by the People's Government of Gansu Province, the Ministry of Education, and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau. It is the first batch of high-level universities in Gansu Province. It was selected as the national "Central and Western University Basic Ability Construction Project", "National College Student Innovative Experimental Program", "Excellent Engineer Program" of the Ministry of Education, and National Defense Education Special School.


The predecessor of the school was the Gansu Provincial Technical School founded in 1919; in 1958, based on the establishment of Lanzhou Institute of Technology, Gansu Jiaotong University was merged and named Gansu University of Technology; in 1965, the school was placed under the first Ministry of Machinery Industry. At the same time, the Northeast Heavy Machinery Institute and the Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering, including hydraulic machinery, chemical machinery, petroleum mine machinery, and welding technology and equipment, were all moved into the institutional system, and a group of teachers was transferred from Hunan University and the Hefei University of Technology to work in the school; 1998 In 2003, it was transformed into an institution of “co-construction between the central and local governments, with local management as the mainstay”; in 2003, it was officially renamed Lanzhou University of Technology. After a hundred years of construction and development, the school has basically built first-class engineering, solid science, and characteristic liberal arts, and has entered the ranks of high-level universities of similar domestic universities.


The school has two campuses, Langongping campus and Pengjiaping campus, covering an area of 2,430 mu, with a school building area of 1.21 million square meters, a library collection of 2.48 million books, and 1.16 million e-books.


The school adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating morality and strives to cultivate basic theoretical practice, wide professional caliber, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality, lofty ideals, family and country feelings, innovative spirit, and an international vision for the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and art. Specialized talents. The school thoroughly implemented the spirit of the National Education Conference, formed a first-class undergraduate education action plan (2019-2030), and steadily improved the quality of talent training. Won “Excellent” in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education in 2006, and was praised by experts in the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work in 2017, and was selected as one of the first batches of 99 demonstration universities in the country to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform and the first batch of demonstration networks by the Ministry of Education Community (Yiban) pilot colleges and universities. The school has steadily increased the scale of postgraduate training, improved the innovation and practical ability of postgraduates, and gradually formed a postgraduate classification pattern for academic and professional degrees. In the past five years, the first author of postgraduates has published 800 high-level papers and obtained 111 invention patents and 85 utility model patents. Pieces.


The school has 19 colleges, 1 teaching, and research department, a graduate school, and a Wenzhou graduate school. There are 2 national-level teaching teams, 3 national-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 11 provincial-level teaching teams, and 16 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers. Enrolling students from 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) across the country, with one enrollment in 18 provinces. There are more than 28,000 full-time students. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% for many years. It was awarded by the Ministry of Education in 2009. National Graduate Employment Experience University" title. In 2015, the national defense students of our school ranked first in the national defense students' military and political quality assessment organized by the four general headquarters of the People's Liberation Army and attended by 117 local colleges and universities for the training of national defense students.


The school has 2,309 faculty members and 1,478 full-time teachers, including 297 professors, 683 associate professors, 155 doctoral supervisors, 649 master supervisors, and 628 doctoral supervisors. There are 4 double-employed academicians, 2 specially-appointed professors in the "Changjiang Scholars Award Program", 3 national candidates for the "Hundred, Thousand, Thousand Talents Project", 3 New Century Outstanding Talents from the Ministry of Education, and the first batch of national university Huang Danian-style teachers team 1 In 2019, the school was awarded the advanced collective of the national education system. Nine national-level high-level talents including "Yangtze River Scholars" were flexibly introduced, and more than 120 well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad were hired as guest professors. 30 experts enjoy the special government allowance of the State Council, 8 members of the Professional Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Education Ministry of Education, and 14 provincial-level teaching teachers. 33 leading talents and 33 "flying scholars" were selected into Gansu Province. There are 12 national honorary titles such as China Welding Lifetime Achievement Award, National Excellent Teacher, National Advanced Worker, National Teacher Ethics Pacemaker, and more than 70 honorary titles such as the May 1st Labor Medal of Gansu Province, Excellent Experts, Famous Teaching Teachers, and Teacher Ethics Pacemakers.


The school is the first batch of universities in my country to authorize bachelor's and master's degrees. It is the first university in Gansu Province with the right to grant a doctorate in engineering and the first university to set up a post-doctoral research station in engineering. There are currently 9 disciplines, 20 provincial key disciplines, and 4 national defense specialty disciplines. The three disciplines of engineering, materials science, and chemistry have entered the top 1% of ESI rankings in the world. There are 5 post-doctoral research stations, 6 first-level discipline doctoral programs, 24 first-level discipline master programs, and 14 professional master degree categories. There are 70 undergraduate majors, including 6 national characteristic major construction sites, 10 majors have been approved as national-level "Double Ten Thousand Plan" first-class major construction points, 6 majors have been approved as provincial-level "Double Ten Thousand Plan" first-class professional construction points, 10 Two majors passed the professional certification of engineering education and entered the "first phalanx" of global engineering education; two majors passed the professional evaluation of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.


The school vigorously promotes the deep integration of education, research, and production, and actively serves the national and regional economic and social development. It focuses on non-ferrous metal new materials and advanced processing, high-end equipment, and CNC processing equipment, new energy technology and equipment, petrochemical process equipment, industrial control, and information technology, The research directions of civil engineering and disaster prevention and mitigation have formed distinctive features. There are 2 innovation teams in the "Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Team Development Plan", 5 national scientific research bases such as the "State Key Laboratory of Advanced Processing and Reuse of Non-ferrous Metals jointly built by the province and the ministry", and 6 scientific research bases of the Ministry of Education. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, 324 projects were approved by the National Natural Science Foundation, more than 1,000 horizontal projects, and one article was published in Nature and Science as the second unit.


The school actively deepens cooperation with local governments and enterprises and has established cooperative relations with more than 200 enterprises in more than 20 cities in and outside the province. “Yellow River Basin Aquatic Ecology and Water Engineering Research Institute”, “Dunhuang Design Morphology Research Institute”, “Jiuquan Advanced Technology Research Institute”, “Lanzhou University of Technology-Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. Nickel and Cobalt Metal New Material Collaborative Innovation Center”, “Northwest China Scientific research institutions such as the Collaborative Innovation Center for Supporting Technologies for Low-Carbon Towns, and the Collaborative Innovation Center for Military-civilian Integration of Advanced Non-ferrous Metal Processing Technology in Gansu Province, have signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement with Huawei. Promote social and economic development. The Gansu Provincial Military-civilian Integration Development Research Institute relied on our school to be established and put into operation. The "Research on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Civil Engineering in the Harsh Environment of Northwestern China", the innovative team of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, overcomes the worldwide problem of Lanzhou subway construction. The Gansu Nuclear Industry Alliance and Isotope Laboratory were jointly established with Lanzhou University, Institute of Near Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other units to actively serve major nuclear industry projects in our province.


The school continues to expand the space for cooperation and exchange, and actively promotes the process of international schooling. The Confucius Institute at Vinnytsia National Technical University in Ukraine was approved for construction. Joining the "Belt and Road" strategic alliance of universities, is a Chinese project institution of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University, Southeast University, Nanjing Normal University, and other universities with counterpart support. It has established cooperative relations with more than 40 universities abroad and signed inter-school cooperation and exchange agreements with Taiwan Chung Cheng University, Kunshan University of Science and Technology, and Jingyi University. In recent years, more than 500 teachers have gone abroad for exchange and study. It has the qualifications for enrolling foreign students in China on a Chinese government scholarship and has passed the quality certification of the first batch of higher education institutions to study in China. Nearly 400 international students from 46 countries are studying at the school.


The school upholds the school motto of "striving for truth" and vigorously promotes the "Hongliu Spirit" with "hard work, continuous self-improvement, seeking truth and pragmatism, pioneering and innovative" as the main connotation, insisting and strengthening the party's overall leadership of the school work, party building, The achievements in ideological and political work and the construction of spiritual civilization are gratifying. They were awarded the "National Advanced Primary Party Organization", "National Advanced College for Party Building and Ideological and Political Work", "The First National Civilized Campus", "National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction", and "National May Fourth Red Flag League Committee" And other honors, was approved to build a provincial-level key Marxist college, one college was selected as the “benchmark department” for party building in colleges and universities across the country, three-party branches were selected as the “national party-building model party branch”, and one branch was awarded the Ministry of Education’s “two studies and one Honorable Mention of "Do" branch style. Five times in the evaluation of poverty alleviation and assistance work in the province were “excellent” and twice won the “People's, Heart Award”. Experience exchanges were made at the provincial organization work, talent work, propaganda and ideological and political work, ideological work, united front work, and poverty alleviation work.


In the future, the school will hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee. Implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Postgraduate Education Conference, by the goals and tasks set by the third-party congress of the school, adhere to the fundamental task of building morality, strengthening party building, comprehensively deepening reforms, comprehensively governing the school according to law, and comprehensively strictly governing The Party takes talents as the foundation of a strong school and innovation as the key to the development of the school. It will unswervingly follow the path of high-quality development, build a high-level university with distinctive characteristics, and cultivate socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and labor.


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