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Propaganda and signing ceremony for blood donation activities

Author: Publicity Center Date: 2021-04-22

To thoroughly implement the "Blood Donation Law of the People's Republic of China", establish a social fashion of dedication and mutual assistance, give full play to the superior role of college students in the promotion, organization, and recruitment of unpaid blood donation, show the style of contemporary college students and establish a new social fashion, our school actively responds And carry out voluntary blood donation activities.

At noon on April 21st, the "Donation of Blood · Fighting the Epidemic, Guilin Students in Action" was organized by the Committee of the Guilin Landscape Vocational College of the Communist Youth League. Teachers and students signed on the theme board in turn, explaining the practice of our school teachers and students. I am everyone, everyone is my spiritual fashion, I hope everyone will give a little love and use our blood to save every life. This will also be the simplest and easiest way to realize self-worth and contribute to society.




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