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Practice as a battle, prevent it before it happens

Author: Publicity Center Date: 2021-05-13

To enhance students’ awareness of risk avoidance and disaster mitigation, self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities, and to minimize the damage to students caused by earthquake disasters, at the request of the Seismological Bureau of the Autonomous Region and the Education Department of the Autonomous Region, on May 12, the party secretary of the college Tang Rogan and the executive dean Guo Under the command of Zhao, Deputy Dean Zhuang Li, Qin Jianwen, and Assistant Dean Ding Hongguang, our hospital carried out an earthquake escape emergency drill, and all teachers and students participated in the drill.

This exercise is divided into two stages, indoor emergency shock absorber exercise, and emergency evacuation exercise. After the "earthquake alarm" signal was sent, the person in charge of the evacuation team first told the students "the earthquake is coming, don't panic", and instructed the students to quickly hold their heads, close their eyes, and hide under their beds or next to their desks. The exercise time is 1 minute. Then the students went downstairs in an orderly manner under the command of the teacher, and evacuated the dormitory, and evacuated to the playground of the south campus (raising the flag) according to the scheduled evacuation route. After the students arrived safely, the instructors of each department counted the number of people in time and summarized the data to Chief Zhang Haoze of the Security Department of the college, and then Chief Zhang made a concluding speech for the exercise.

Through this exercise, the teachers and students of our school have effectively strengthened the awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. The teachers and students of the school have further mastered how to emergency escape when a disaster strikes. In the future, our school will continue to carry out a series of safety education drills to further improve the emergency response of all teachers and students. ability.



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