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Let virtual reality technology into the classroom

Author: Publicity Center Date: 2021-04-30

At 16:20 on the afternoon of April 29, the Department of Information and Technology held a lively and interesting virtual reality technology lecture in Library 203, which was lectured by a teacher from the Department of Information Technology Zhu Rikun. Executive Dean Guo Zhao, Deputy Dean Zhuang Li, Deputy Dean Qin Jianwen, Assistant Dean Ding Hongguang, Director of Academic Affairs Office Chen Xin, Deputy Director Hu Yangyan, and all department directors and teachers were present.

Mr. Zhu started with the stress of a psychological test, revealing that the picture used in this test is just a static picture, which is only caused by the illusion of surrounding phenomena. By explaining the principle of seeing objects with the eyes, the principle of 3D imaging, and the working principle of VR glasses, students can understand how virtual reality technology is proposed and realized. Virtual reality technology refers to the use of modern high-tech methods with computer technology as the core to generate a virtual environment. The user uses special input and output devices to interact with objects in the virtual world naturally, thereby gaining and interacting with objects in the virtual world through vision, hearing, and touch. The same feeling in the real world.

Finally, Mr. Zhu invited some students to come up to experience the VR equipment. The students’ enthusiasm was very high, and the students were really listening and seeing the real feelings, allowing the students to broaden their horizons in a relaxed and happy atmosphere and understand the changes in life brought by new technologies for subsequent learning. Lay the foundation.



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