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Our hospital organizes teachers, students, and employees to carry out new crown vaccination work

To protect the life safety and health of teachers and students, our hospital organized teachers and students to carry out vaccination work from May 12 to 14. The Wuming District Disease Control and Prevention Center organized elite forces to enter the school for qualified teachers and students to be vaccinated. One dose of the new coronavirus vaccine, a total of 5,744 people participated in the vaccine (not including out-of-work intern students), and the coverage rate of student vaccination reached more than 82.56%.

The college attaches great importance to the new crown virus vaccination work. The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control leading group held a special meeting to study the deployment of various vaccination tasks. The sequence of vaccination, site layout (6 regions), staff arrangements, and teacher and student volunteers are all in All are ready in half a day.




Teachers and students strictly abide by the vaccination work regulations, bring ID cards and wear masks to the library lobby to get the new crown vaccine, queue in an orderly manner, under the guidance of staff and volunteers, pass temperature testing, truthfully report health conditions, and sign and confirm informed consent, Scan code registration, receive vaccination, observe after vaccination and other procedures, the vaccination work is advancing rapidly.

The vaccination work is carried out in batches based on the principle of "vaccination, everyone is responsible, should be seeded, and can be seeded". The CDC staff will carry out vaccination work for teachers and students of our hospital for 3 consecutive days. The scope of vaccination includes teachers, students, staff and their families, property and security staff, and those engaged in production and operation in the college canteen and shop.


On-site scan code appointment



Inquire and sign to confirm vaccination in the informed consent area


Scan the QR code to register in the registration area


Observe in the observation area for half an hour after inoculation

The majority of teachers, students, and staff actively cooperate with the vaccination work. Qiu is a freshman in the hospital. After she completed the first dose of the new crown vaccination, she said that the new crown vaccination can play a preventive role, and her family and herself hope to get the vaccination as soon as possible. , Now that the school is carrying out vaccination work, I have come to line up early.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Wuming District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, after completing the first dose of vaccination, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention will enter the school 28 days later to carry out the second dose of vaccination.

The doctor recommends that after vaccination, you should eat lightly, drink plenty of water, avoid staying up late with moderate exercise shortly, try not to drink alcohol, do not drink strong tea and coffee, avoid spicy, cold, greasy food, and eat less seafood.

Inoculation of the new crown virus vaccine is an effective way to block the spread of new crown pneumonia. The college will continue to do a good job in the new crown vaccination work to build a strong campus immune barrier.


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