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Guangxi Safety Engineering Vocational and Technical College (hereinafter referred to as "Safety Vocational College") is a public full-time general institution of higher learning approved by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in March 2017. It is jointly established by the State Administration of Production Supervision and Administration, organized, constructed, and managed by the Emergency Management Department of the Autonomous Region (formerly the Autonomous Region Work Safety Supervision Administration), and is guided by the Education Department of the Autonomous Region. It is the third safety vocational college in the country.

The college is located in Nanning Education Park, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. The campus covers an area of 1,060 mu, with a planned total construction area of 287,000 square meters and a total planned investment of 968 million yuan. The college has clearly defined the orientation of “based in Guangxi, facing the whole country, and radiating to ASEAN”, with the mission of “serving emergency management and cultivating application-oriented talents”, adhering to the school motto of “cherishing time to learn ethics and practice”, and is committed to becoming a domestic Advanced vocational college with significant location advantages and characteristics among similar colleges and universities; adhere to the establishment of morality, take the cultivation of high-quality technical and technical talents that meet the needs of emergency management as the fundamental task, and highlight emergency management, safety production, and prevention. The training and training of professionals in disaster mitigation have distinct characteristics for running schools.

At the end of 2019, the college has invested a total of 646 million yuan to build 153,000 square meters of main functional buildings such as teaching buildings, training workshops, apartments, student canteens, sports fields, and libraries. Basically, five buildings including teaching, sports, training, accommodation, and administration have been completed. There are two functional areas with the ability to run a school with 6000 students. In 2020, it plans to invest 300 million yuan to complete nearly 90,000 square meters of supporting buildings, complete the planning and construction tasks, and have the conditions for running a school for 9,000 students and training conditions for 10,000 people.

The college has 7 departments, including the Department of Security Engineering, Department of Electronics and Information Security, Department of Architecture and Surveying and Mapping Security, Department of Transportation, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Public Basics, and Department of Ideological and Political Theory Courses, and 14 party and government management organizations. , 3 teaching and teaching auxiliary institutions. Up to now, the college has 224 teachers, including 47 associate professors and above. It has hired Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tongji University, Henan University of Technology, Guangxi University, Guilin University of Technology, Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, etc., which enjoy high reputation in professional fields. 19 experts and professors from universities within and outside the region serve as visiting professors and subject leaders of the college. There are safety technology and management, construction engineering technology (engineering quality and safety direction), information security and management, engineering measurement technology, mechatronics technology, accounting, fire engineering technology, engineering cost, automobile inspection, and maintenance technology, rescue technology, 16 characteristic majors, including e-commerce, photogrammetry, and remote sensing technology, drone application technology, environmental monitoring and control technology, food quality and safety, and building intelligent engineering technology, have been built into non-coal mines, mine fires, engineering surveys, accounting, etc. There are 41 professional training rooms in total.

In 2019, the college actively responded to the State Council’s call for the expansion of high-level vocational enrollment by 1 million. It enrolled 4601 freshmen with careful planning and multiple measures. The enrollment scale has expanded in a “blowout” manner, breaking through the “autonomous region government’s approval of the college to reach the scale of running schools in three years. 5,000" and "The Autonomous Region Department of Education issued the college’s 2019 3,000-person enrollment plan targets" two goals. There are currently nearly 6,000 students in the school, and it is expected that the number of students in the school will be 9,000 in 2020.

The college adheres to the road of school-enterprise cooperation and the integration of engineering and learning, and cooperates with Huawei, Qi'anxin Technology Group, China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, Shandong Xinfa Group, Jiangsu Huibo Robot Company, Guangxi Construction Engineering Group, Guangxi Investment Group, Guangxi Transportation Investment The Group, Guangxi New Development Transportation Group, Guangxi Xijiang Development Investment Group, Guilin Fuda Group, Baise Bacon Group and other large and medium-sized enterprises within and outside the region have signed strategic cooperation agreements to build a platform for integration of production, teaching, and research, and carry out orders and targeted methods to train talents. The employment prospects for students are broad and the employment channels are stable.

The college adheres to the development strategy of provincial and ministry co-construction. According to the provincial and ministerial joint construction agreement, the Ministry of Emergency Management supports the college to add "Guangxi Emergency Management Cadre College" and "National Safety Supervision College" brands and establish a China-ASEAN safety production training base and a China-ASEAN safety production education experience base in the college, China-ASEAN Safety Production Talent Training Base, China-ASEAN Emergency Rescue Professional Training Center, etc.

At present, the college’s education and teaching reforms are advancing in an all-round way, the characteristics of professional construction are initially highlighted, the infrastructure projects are steadily implemented, the scale of the teaching staff is continuously growing, the social service capabilities are continuously enhanced, and various tasks are progressing in an orderly manner. In the future, the college will continue to follow the planning concept of “laying a foundation in three years, stepping up in five years, and creating a first-class in eight years”, and strive to become an advanced vocational college with significant geographical advantages and characteristics among similar domestic colleges and universities.


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