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Our hospital held a working meeting for leading cadres at the deputy section level or above

On the afternoon of May 7, our college held a meeting of leading cadres above the deputy department level. Dean Li Zhongliang, deputy deans Wu Guoping, Guo Hu, and Huo Jianghua attended the meeting, and cadres above the deputy department level attended the meeting.


meeting venue

The purpose of this conference is to unify thinking, raise awareness, strengthen responsibility, and promote the steady progress of the college's work this year. The meeting summarized the work developed in the previous stage and deployed the tasks in the next stage.


Dean Li Zhongliang's speech

At the meeting, Li Zhongliang requested that the whole hospital should seize the mainline of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, fully implement the work deployment of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region Emergency Management Department and the Education Working Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, solidly promote the study and education of party history, and actively carry out various forms of celebration activities. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, create a strong campus atmosphere.

Li Zhongliang introduced the college’s current enrollment, employment, undergraduate promotion for outstanding graduates, internships, internal diagnosis, and other key tasks. He asked the responsible comrades of various departments to raise awareness, adhere to goal-oriented and problem-oriented, and rationally divide labor according to the task list to stimulate departments. The enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of employees; at the same time, strengthen cooperation and cooperation between departments to form a joint workforce, overcome difficulties, and complete various tasks this year with high quality.

Li Zhongliang emphasized that the implementation of secondary management of colleges and departments is an inevitable requirement for the construction and development of the college, and it is also an important way to improve the management efficiency of the college and promote the development of the college. Management level; strengthen self-cultivation, pay attention to behavior, lead by example, be honest and self-discipline, give full play to the leading role of party members and cadres, and ensure the implementation of various tasks.

At the meeting, Wu Guoping, Guo Hu, and Huo Jianghua gave respective introductions on the development of work in their respective fields.


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