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Dean Xiao Kaining of Guangxi Vocational College of Economics delivers a speech at the 2020 Graduation Ceremony


Dear students:

good morning guys!

Every July is the most special month for graduates, where joy and pain coexist.

July is special because it is not only a harvest season for graduates but also the starting point for a more difficult society, family, and career in the future. The students got their graduation certificates, gained growth, gained friendship, and also gained opportunities and challenges for future development and survival. Many students also gained love! congratulations! Congratulations on completing the first half of the student's learning career, and congratulations on your coming into the second half of the more complex and challenging learning career-the adult society stage. The college has harvested new graduates and new alumni in the future, and the country has harvested a group of outstanding talents. However, the scorching heat and difficult employment season of the hot summer and the unquenched epidemic in the world still threaten us, reminding us that the long and climbing adult life is waiting for us.

July is special because it is not only a season of blessings but also a time of moving. This year, we have 643 graduates. I wish you all the beginning of your studies! However, while graduating, students are also faced with the cruel reality of striving for survival and development. They are also faced with the pressure of employment, entrepreneurship, and higher education, as well as the pressure of forming a family and raising a family shortly. , Is facing the pressure of exerting potential and creating an outstanding life in the future. As the representatives of the teachers and employees of the alma mater, we are also moved and proud that you are leaving this campus that carries your youth and sweat. The School of Economics and Vocational Education exists for the students, and because of you, the School of Economics and Vocational Education is full of vitality and vigor. We are very reluctant to leave you. But "the road is long and long", "the right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life!"

July is special because it is both a farewell season and a time to look forward to. There is no permanent banquet in the world. Although we are reluctant to give up, we still have to send you off on a new journey. Of course, apart from the farewell, we are more looking forward to it. The students are in the best years of life, and it also coincides with the rare and great era of the Chinese nation's rejuvenation. The youth of the students are in the period of realizing the "two centenary" goals of the Chinese nation. You will have a lot to do. Therefore, when you are about to leave your alma mater, enter society, and work hard in your life, I hope that the students will be able to seize the opportunities of the times and create their own outstanding life, career, health, and happiness in the future life. !


Classmates, when you are about to leave school and enter the society, especially under this special epidemic this year, when the international situation is delicate, the economy is down, and employment and survival are difficult, there are still a few words to say, with everyone Discuss:

1. What is the mission of our college? The unemployed have a career, the ordinary is extraordinary! We believe that through their own efforts, every student may become a healthy, happy, and successful person in the future! We have been committed to exploring a development model that has its own characteristics and is suitable for students to grow and become talents. Therefore, no matter how difficult the future is, everyone must persevere, persevere, and persevere, and hope that "the unemployed have careers and the ordinary are extraordinary" will also become your Future mission in life.

Optimism, anticipation, and self-confidence for the future are the driving force for our success! When the crisis comes, when everyone is in difficulty, the opportunity for success comes, and the opportunity for us to develop against the trend comes.

Our school-running characteristic is the five-dimensional education: by the national education policy, integrating the essence of Chinese culture, combining Chinese and Western, cultivating builders and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art, and labor, and fostering healthy, happy, enterprising and outstanding a member of society. Five-dimensional education aims to cultivate students' comprehensive qualities and ability groups from the levels of curricular, extracurricular, and social aspects, including moral guidance, survival adaptability, professional competitiveness, practical execution, and learning innovation. I believe that everyone will be in the future. In his society and career, there will be a deeper experience.

2. We must first have the general ability of life, survival, living ability, and general knowledge. The world in the future is full of instability and challenges, but there are opportunities and hopes when you live perseverance, and you may succeed in development! I hope that students will respect and cherish life, and master basic social survivability and life skills; be calm in situations, face setbacks positively, and enhance self-care ability in life; and master the general knowledge and abilities of social communication, such as basic communication Etiquette, awareness of management and cost, awareness of efficiency, awareness of integrity, awareness of competition and cooperation, etc., will all reflect its value in future challenges. Now maybe you only learn part of it, it doesn't matter, you have the opportunity to learn from work, learn from life, learn from setbacks, and learn well!


Third, it is necessary to properly handle the relationship between occupation, family business, career, and technical skills learning.

To have a benign career, you must first establish professional awareness. As an employee, you should be dedicated, conscientious, create value, and complete work tasks effectively. At the same time, we must also learn to communicate, step by step to the peak of the career, in addition, not only to work, but also to be able to live, get married, and inherit the excellent family tradition. On this basis, at the appropriate time, according to personal ambitions and abilities, do what you like, give full play to your talents, take responsibility, serve society, and promote social development. According to market changes and workplace needs, they can carry out wide-specialized, cross-professional on-the-job learning and practice, master new professional technical skills, and enhance workplace adaptability and professional development capabilities. When artificial intelligence robs people of many traditional jobs, innovative development is particularly important!

4. In the future society and career, we must give full play to the traditional characteristics of our college. The unity of knowledge and action, the unity of hands and eyes, focus on practice, and execution for efficiency will enhance our ability to survive and develop and obtain opportunities for upward development! Under the impact of the epidemic this year, many recent graduates have lost the opportunity to practice internships. For schools and students like us who focus on practical internships, it is just an opportunity for our development. The head of human resources of Wistron Group, a Fortune 500 company, told me that as long as your students have gone through 2-3 corporate internships and can stay in the company, we will give your vocational students the starting monthly salary of 985 undergraduate students! This is "Practice earns real money, and internship shows value!"

Students will apply the theoretical knowledge learned in school to their jobs, experience the relationship and integration between theoretical knowledge and actual work, discover their own shortcomings and improve measures, turn passive to active, and change from "I do it" to "I want to do it, I can do it", to achieve unity of knowledge and action, unity of hands and eyes, maintain a proactive working state and a pragmatic working style, we will definitely be able to take the lead in the future competition in the workplace! The current employment rate of our graduates this year is much higher than that of many schools across the country, which is proof!

5. In the new era, we must focus on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as well as progress, evolution, and action. During the school period, the cases where students dared to be unique, reflected on words, dared to think and did, were impressive. Being creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial will stimulate personal potential, thereby enhancing the sustainability and learning ability of high-level workplaces in the future. I believe that in the future workplace, entrepreneurial field, and even family life, the students will show great value and effectiveness. In future work, students should actively put forward reasonable suggestions, clarify goals, forge ahead, and make continuous progress, to enhance the ability of evolutionary development. Accumulation is a huge leap. Coupled with seizing development opportunities, it is very possible to change one's own destiny. In the era when artificial intelligence gradually replaces ordinary humans. The greater the heart, the greater the stage, the greater the possibility of achievement! If you don't even dare to think about it or create something, then there is definitely no chance. After experiencing five-dimensional education and learning, I believe there will be better opportunities.

6. Good morality, morality, professional ethics and personality, and character formation are vital factors for future work, life, and development. The direction is wrong and everything is wrong. In this great era, the era of national rejuvenation, walking the right path, and following the right people is a decisive part of survival and development. Don't take it lightly. We must adapt to the times and be brave enough to take responsibility. Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the country!

Students form good socialist core values and corresponding morals, consciously abide by social morals, establish family virtues and cultivate professional ethics, and form good behavioral norms, such as non-intellectual elements, which are often more important than intellectual elements. Cultivate one's mind internally and cultivate one's behavior externally to form a healthy personality and a good character. This is a compulsory course for us to move into the workplace and society.


Five-dimensional education emphasizes the harmonious development and self-evolution of students' bodies and minds, exploring ecological sustainability, and directing the purpose of education to employment, entrepreneurship, living and working in peace and contentment, and enhancing individual happiness, as well as social-ecological harmony. This is also our school’s The mission of running a school is that "the unemployed have a career, the ordinary is extraordinary", and hope is also the goal of everyone's life.

After three years of five-dimensional talent training series of teaching, extracurricular, social activities, and corporate internships, the students, although the process is relatively hard and tormenting, the overall quality and ability of our students are relatively high, and the most direct manifestation is to create employment. Rate and salary treatment.

In 2019, the college commissioned a third-party Max Data research agency to survey our college's 2018 and 2019 graduates. It was found that the monthly income of our graduates was 763 yuan higher than that of similar colleges in the district, and the self-employment rate was 6.1 % And 6.7%, far higher than the 3.5% level of the district's higher vocational education. In addition, our classmates, whether they are in school or after graduation, are generally law-abiding, honest, outstanding in social interaction, and high in psychological quality. Some students become project general managers and start companies after graduation in less than one year. Entrepreneurship. Among the class of 2020 students, when one class was an internship in Guangzhou Midea, 10 students were promoted to supervisor, and one of them was promoted to management cadre with a monthly income of more than 12,000 yuan. These excellent results show that our classmates are all great. Although some students do not understand the strict daily morning exercises, corporate internships, and social practices in the college, the results after graduation show that we are on the right path! I believe everyone will have a deeper experience three to five years after graduation. Otherwise, just relying on such a private higher vocational college as our hospital with fewer resources, lower admission scores, less support and subsidies, and poor conditions, how can we achieve the same level or even certain indicators in terms of the quality of talent training and employment quality? To surpass others? No pain No gain! This sentence has not been out of date for thousands of years, and it will not be out of date in the future!


Of course, our five-dimensional education is still in continuous practice and exploration, and it is not perfect. Some areas need to be improved and improved, such as the level of classroom teaching, student club activities, and the quality of logistics services. Especially since the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of last year, it has had a great impact on the employment and entrepreneurship of students, and it has also brought challenges to the college's new year's five-dimensional education work. Despite the difficulties and challenges, the college has always cared about students and served them for life. For example, the college decided to hire 20 people from this year’s graduates to enrich the grassroots positions of the college and related companies, and also give everyone a better development platform and opportunities, including logistics, infrastructure, recruitment, counselor class teachers, etc. Position, welcome everyone to negotiate and develop together. Although everyone has graduated today, for the future employment and entrepreneurship of students, the college will not only not relax, but will redouble its efforts. It will recommend more employment units for students and assist students in obtaining employment and entrepreneurship throughout their lives. Everyone is welcome to participate in the alumni association. Develop together.

Students, for a long period of time in the future, it is not only a period of strategic opportunities for China's development but also a golden period of life for students; it is not only a period of transformation of Chinese society but also a period of hard work for students. To become the trend-makers of the times and reap the success in life, we need everyone to be good at following the "trends", bravely facing "difficulties", specializing in acting for "things", and know-how to recognize, borrow, accumulate, and build momentum. ; Boldly face, tackle, solve, and overcome difficulties; persistently plan, discuss, take care of, and succeed, to put one's own life on the sails of the waves and welcome the glorious tomorrow!



When you are about to leave, I sincerely wish you, the next step in your life will be more exciting! When you are about to leave, I sincerely look forward to you, come home often! In this life full of joy, change and During the long and arduous journey, your alma mater is willing to be your haven. Today, you graduate from college, and tomorrow, your alma mater will be proud of you!

thank you all!


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