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The college opens a new model of integration of production and education

News from our newspaper (Reporter Huang Ying) Recently, Guangxi Vocational College of Economics and Guangxi Wenhui Education Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haiwen Information Technology Co., Ltd. and more than 10 well-known companies have established ASUS Intelligent Manufacturing, Oracle OAEC Talent, Baidu Yunzhi, etc. 10 industrial colleges.

Guangxi Vocational College of Economics establishes industrial colleges with enterprises, fully integrates the advantageous resources of enterprises and universities, gives full play to the dual role of universities and enterprises, innovates application-oriented talent training models and school-running mechanisms, promotes the reform of university curriculum system, and accelerates the training of application-oriented talents Model transformation, to build a new brand of vocational education in Guangxi, to cultivate a large number of applied technical skills talents in the new era that support industrial development.

Through cooperation with enterprises, the college has developed innovative education and teaching models: first, the structure and pattern of vocational education collaborative education, through cross-industry cooperation between enterprises and colleges, innovating curriculum systems, internships and training systems, teaching methods, and assessment and evaluation systems; Construct teaching management and quality assurance system that is compatible with the development of the industry. Carry out international and industry certifications, integrate international certification standards into the teaching system and cultivate medium and high-end management talents that are in line with international standards for enterprises and society. The second is that companies build simulation training bases in colleges and invite corporate technical talents to teach students at the colleges so that students can gain practical experience in the colleges and fully improve their employment competitiveness. The third is to use the advantages of enterprises to solve the difficulties of students' internship, employment, entrepreneurship, and low salary through the establishment of industrial colleges.

Guangxi Vocational College of Economics has achieved the goals of school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, collaborative education, and social service through the establishment of the Industrial College.


Guangxi Vocational College of Economics and Guangxi Lijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement, and the two parties formally cooperated to establish Guangxi Vocational College of Economics-Performing Arts Industry College (Photo courtesy of the college)


A group photo of the leaders of the college and the person in charge of the school-enterprise cooperative enterprise

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