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Guangxi Vocational College of Economics is an ordinary full-time higher vocational college approved by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2008, registered by the Ministry of Education, and issued a nationally recognized full-time higher vocational education certificate. The college is located in the Guangxi-ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone, a national economic development zone. It has built teaching areas, student apartment areas, libraries, multimedia classrooms, multi-functional language rooms, computer network laboratories, electronic classrooms, and the China Effie Award case library. Small and medium-sized enterprise management training bases and other professional integrated training rooms and other school buildings and various teaching supporting facilities. The college currently has six major departments: Economics and Trade, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Art Design, Tourism and Leisure, and Construction Engineering. There are 42 majors and professional directions, including business management, accounting, marketing, and art Design major is a key professional construction project of private colleges and universities in Guangxi District.

The college was founded by Xiao Kaining, chairman of Guangxi Kaining Investment Group, a successful entrepreneur, and chairman of Guangxi Private Education Association, and served as chairman and dean. The college employs educators, industry experts, and entrepreneurs as guest professors and consultants, and has a team of full-time and part-time teachers with high professional levels, strong teaching ability, and rich practical experience.

The college is guided by "everyone grows up" and advocates the mission of "the unemployed have jobs, the ordinary is extraordinary". It has been adhering to the school-running philosophy of "people-oriented, energy efficiency first, characteristic vocational education, and everyone becomes talented", and initiates the reform of vocational education. The entrepreneurial gene of innovation and entrepreneurship has integrated the college’s unique concept of "holographic progressive vocational education" into the entire process of education and teaching and has initially formed the college’s "core moral education system", "survival life basic education system", and "vocational competence" The five major education and teaching systems, "Expanding Education System", "Personal Potential Stimulation Education System", and "Entrepreneurship Quality Development Education System", take the growth, employment, and success of each student as its own responsibility, and integrate the learning of knowledge and skills with the improvement of student personality and ability. The development and potential development are integrated. According to the requirements of society and enterprises, students' knowledge and ability can be expanded, basic survivability can be established, potential can be developed, qualified professionals and entrepreneurs can be cultivated so that students can quickly adapt to the future. Social needs and environment. The employment rate of college graduates reached more than 90% that year. It is at the forefront of private colleges and universities in Guangxi and is well received by employers. According to a survey conducted by Maxdata Co., Ltd. on college graduates, the self-employment rate of college graduates exceeds 6%, which is higher than the 3.5% entrepreneurial rate of the district's higher vocational colleges; the average monthly income of graduates after half a year of employment is also high At the average level of Guangxi vocational graduates; more than two-thirds of graduates have experienced salary increases after six months of employment, and more than one-third of graduates have been promoted after six months of employment.

The college insists on creating the school-running characteristics of "strong employment, emphasis on entrepreneurship, association with enterprises, and entering the market", strengthens the four-party linkage of "politics, schools, and enterprises", and signed comprehensive cooperation with Nanning High-tech Development Zone, Guangxi-ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone and other institutions According to the agreement, each department has established a number of off-campus practice bases and post-internship sites, uniting well-known production companies such as Zhujiang Beer, Dadu Concrete, Meinian Machinery, Bright Pharmaceutical; Dream Island Group, Nanning Department Store, Renrenle Supermarket, Yong Well-known retail and service companies such as Jiang Hotel and Taste Manufacturing; TCL, Jiangsu Jingmeng, BYD Automobile, Wistron Electronics, Shenghong Optoelectronics Max Footwear, Uni-President and other well-known enterprises outside the district have formed a school-enterprise cooperation alliance. School-enterprise cooperative education features such as "cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development". It provides students with a wealth of business practice and professional internship opportunities. Classes are brought into the workshop, and corporate executives are invited into the classroom so that students can learn while doing, learn and do as one, and truly learn practical techniques and skills.

The college insists on running schools with characteristics and meets the diverse needs of students through multiple channels. In terms of further education, the college cooperates with well-known universities in the region such as the Guangxi University of Arts to offer self-examination undergraduate courses. In terms of solving the practical difficulties of students, the college co-founded the "Self-strengthening Employment Guarantee Class" project with the Autonomous Region Federation of Overseas Chinese and the Poverty Alleviation Offices of many counties to help students with difficulties and students from overseas Chinese families in a targeted manner, so that students in difficulties can Enrollment with zero tuition fees, while studying, solve the tuition and living expenses by oneself through work-study and social practice, to reduce the burden on the family. Through cooperation with enterprises, industry associations, etc., the college ensures that students in the self-improvement class can have multiple jobs to choose from when they graduate qualified and achieve better quality employment so that students can achieve their families within three to five years after graduation. Get out of poverty. In terms of international exchanges and cooperation, the college has carried out cooperation projects with schools in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, and other places. Provide convenience for students to study abroad.


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