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Our department organizes students to participate in the "Smart Finance and Taxation Skills" competition

In March 2021, the school officials received a notice from the "Smart Finance and Taxation Skills" competition of the Guangxi Vocational College Skills Competition. The Academic Affairs Office conveyed the spirit of the document to our department and asked to consider the entry. Our department immediately held a meeting of the teaching and research section. After all the teachers discussed and considered the current students’ learning level, it was decided that the team led by Chen Xue and Yang Lanmei would be the instructors to form a team to participate in the province’s higher vocational colleges’ intelligent fiscal and taxation skills competition...


At the same time, based on the registration of students, three students were selected to participate in the competition, namely Lu Qiyu from 19 Accounting Class 1, Zhong Yi from 19 Accounting Class 4, and Lai Hanxiu from 19 Accounting 4 to train the students. The organizer will send a practice account to the competition, and students can log on to the website to do the corresponding exercises.

For this reason, the department applied to the school for practical training classrooms for students to practice, and the instructor used the evening time to guide students to do questions and answer questions for students. From March 5th to 20th, in just 15 days, we conducted simulation training on the theory and practical operation of tax accounting and tax law related to the smart fiscal and taxation skills competition. In addition, we conducted simulation training on the basic knowledge of fiscal and taxation and the accounting of fiscal and taxation laws and regulations. Service processing has also carried out relevant training.

From March 20 to 21, 2021, Mr. Chen Xue led three students Zhong Yi, Lai Hanxiu, and Lu Qiyu to Guangxi Nanning Vocational and Technical College to participate in the "Smart Finance and Taxation Skills" competition in Guangxi Vocational Colleges. Unfortunately, they did not win the award. But this competition allowed us to understand the gap between our school and other schools and urged ourselves to be more aggressive to win glory for the school.


The game experience and summary are as follows:

1. To establish a "long-term mechanism" for participating in professional skills competitions. A small team of students with excellent professional skills should be organized during each semester to conduct long-term intensive training and be able to use it during competitions. The instruction and training should also be designated by a specific teacher, and the time in the second classroom should be used for training.

2. Choose the best among the best, and bring the new with the old. Further screening from the old students to select more outstanding students to participate in the competition: while training the old students, let the new students participate, bring the new with the old, and reserve the strength for the next competition.

3. Keep up with skill competitions across the province and city, and cultivate a high-level coaching team. This is the first time for us to participate this year. The instructor hasn't figured out the rules of the competition. It can be said that blind people are riding blind horses. The coaching competition this time gave the coaches exercise and increased their knowledge. In the future, we will integrate some of the skill requirements of the competition into our professional teaching, to "use competition to promote teaching, use competition to promote learning, use competition to promote change, and use competition to promote construction."

In general, under the guidance of the leaders and the efforts of the students and teachers, the competition ended successfully. Regardless of the results, in the competition, the knowledge has been increased, the field of vision has been broadened, the direction has been clarified, and the next step of teaching In the work, the goal is clearer, the pertinence is stronger, and the work is more vigorous.

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