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Chinese Government Scholarship

To enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and the people of other countries, and to develop exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries in the fields of politics, economy, culture, education, economy, and trade, the Chinese government has established various scholarship programs to support students from all over the world, Teachers and scholars go to Chinese universities to study and engage in research activities. The Ministry of Education of China formulates the annual plan for Chinese government scholarships and entrusts the China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as the "CSC") to be responsible for the enrollment of scholarship students and the management of daily affairs in China.

At present, Guangxi Medical University has the qualifications for Chinese Government Scholarship (self-enrollment), and it recruits full-time Chinese Government Scholarship postgraduates to study in China from around the world. Applicants can also apply to their home country's international student dispatching department or the Chinese Embassy (Consulate-General).


1. Eligibility for application

Admission country: open to all countries.

Enrollment categories: full-time undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students.


(1) Undergraduate

A: Foreign citizens over 18 years old, with a high school degree or above, and in good health, under the age of 30.

B: Applicants under the age of 18 must submit relevant legal documents of their legal guardians in China.


(2) Graduate students

A: Applicants for a master's degree must be foreign citizens with a bachelor's degree or above and in good health, under the age of 35.

B: Applicants for a doctorate must be a healthy foreign citizens with a master's degree or above and be under 40 years old.


2. Application materials to be submitted

(1) "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form". (In triplicate) School code: 10598

Log in to "Chinese Government Scholarship Management Information System for Studying in China" (Login

Or after,

Click the "Online Application Student Entrance" icon to enter) Fill in the application information, submit and print the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" online.

(2) The original or notarized copy of the highest degree certificate and the notarized English or Chinese translation is required for documents in languages other than Chinese or English. (In triplicate)

(3) The original or notarized copy of the transcript and the notarized English or Chinese translation are required for texts in languages other than Chinese or English. (In triplicate)

(4) Copy of passport. (In triplicate)

(5) Physical examination form (in triplicate)

(6) Two 2-inch photos.

(7) The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) certificate must reach level 4 for undergraduates and level 5 for postgraduates. (In triplicate)

(8) Study and research plans in China. Written in Chinese or English, no less than 200 words for undergraduate students and no less than 800 words for graduate students. (In triplicate)

(9) Letter of recommendation. Applicants for master's or doctoral degrees must submit two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors, written in Chinese or English. (in triplicate)

(10) Published academic papers or academic results (if any).

(11) No criminal record certificate or no criminal record undertaking.

Note: According to the requirements of the project applied by the applicant, our school will require students to submit other materials as needed.


3. Deadline for registration

Every year on March 30.


4. Living expenses standard for scholarship

Undergraduate: 2,500 RMB/month

Master's degree students: 3,000 RMB/month

Doctoral students: RMB 3,500/month


5. Contact

Guangxi Medical University International Education College

Contact number: 5357401 Fax: 5352523


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