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Top 1% of biology and biochemistry in ESI world

According to the latest ESI (Essential Science Indicators) ranking data released on May 13, 2021, the biology and biochemistry disciplines of our school entered the top 1% of the ESI disciplines worldwide for the first time, becoming the following clinical medicine and pharmacology. After learning and toxicology, our school is the third to enter the top 1% of ESI disciplines in the world, and it is also a breakthrough in our school's discipline construction!

ESI is a quantitative analysis database established based on the records of documents included in Web of Science (SCI/SSCI). This indicator provides statistics and comparisons of SCI/SSCI papers and their citations in all universities and scientific research institutions around the world in the past ten years. Subjects ranked in the top 1% of "total citations" can enter the ESI subject rankings. The ranking data is updated every two months. The number of ESI subjects is one of the important indicators for measuring the level of colleges and universities.


This issue of ESI data statistics covers the period from January 1, 2011, to February 28, 2021. During this period, our university ranked 126th in ESI nationwide, and Guangxi universities ranked second. The number of papers included in the statistics of Biology and Biochemistry in our school is 796, and the number of citations is 6,456, and the papers are cited 8.11 times. This time, the ranking of biology and biochemistry subjects into the top 1% of ESI in the world, marking that our school's biology and biochemistry subjects have entered the ranks of world-class disciplines, which is a milestone in the history of our school's discipline construction. The school will take this opportunity as an opportunity to continue to promote the construction of disciplines and strive to achieve breakthroughs during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.




Our school's biology and biochemistry discipline enters the top 1% of ESI in the world.

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