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Medical and insurance

1. The Chinese government stipulates that international students with a study period of more than half a year must purchase medical insurance. The insurance compensation is mainly for hospitalization medical expenses and accident medical expenses. Government scholarship students enjoy publicly funded medical care, and the Chinese government will purchase insurance for them by relevant regulations. The remaining students need to purchase insurance at their own expense. Insurance coverage refers to the relevant provisions of the insurance company. According to the relevant regulations of Guangxi Medical University, the annual medical insurance premium for self-financed international students totals 600 yuan per person. Students can apply for outpatient treatment invoices to the International Students Office to reimburse medical expenses. The annual reimbursement amount is RMB 420.

2. International students who are ill should go to the medical institution for treatment in time, and report the condition to the headteacher in charge at the same time. Those who are seriously ill can choose to return to China for treatment or stay in China for treatment, but they need to go through relevant procedures.

3. International students suffering from infectious diseases must promptly report to the headteacher in charge, notify the local hospital and epidemic prevention department, and conduct isolation and investigation promptly. International students should obey the arrangements of the school and related departments and actively cooperate with the treatment of diseases.

4. If an international student is diagnosed with AIDS, venereal disease, leprosy, mental illness, open tuberculosis, and other diseases that endanger public safety, they should be sent back to the country immediately.

5. International students who died due to illness or cause should promptly notify relevant departments and embassies and consulates, apply for death certificates by regulations, properly dispose of the remains, respect the religious customs of international students, and do a good job in the aftermath.

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