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Visiting foreign students on the eve of Spring Festival

February 9 afternoon, Dean of School of International Education Haiying carry college leadership, the College Party branch committee, came to the apartment in Yong student visit and property management staff, school students to visit the Chinese New Year.


Dean Zhang Haiying and his entourage extended Chinese New Year blessings to the international students who stayed at the school, sent the Chinese New Year "Fu" to the students, and distributed Chinese New Year visits. Dean Zhang also inquired in detail about the winter vacation arrangements, diet, daily life, and study of international students, and told them to make relevant preparations for the Spring Festival in advance.


The international students who stayed in the school thanked the leaders and teachers of the school for their care and concern and expressed that they would use the vacation to learn about Chinese traditional culture, earnestly learn professional knowledge and skills, and return to China as soon as possible.


During the winter vacation, the School of International Education arranged special personnel on duty to regularly inspect the international student apartment complex, and the property management staff implemented a 24-hour duty system to ensure that international students staying on campus would spend a safe and festive Chinese New Year holiday in China.








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