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Hold new year's activities

2020 is about to pass. On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, at noon on December 18, the School of International Education held the "Teachers and Students Welcoming the New Year" activity. The activity was organized by college teachers and attracted nearly 60 students in Yong.


On that day, the teachers arranged a warm activity site in advance to welcome the arrival of the students. The atmosphere of the event was warm, full of laughter and laughter everywhere. Everyone was immersed in a festive atmosphere. Many students like to mention the event "grand prize" and returned with the "warmth" of the college.


This event not only enriched the campus life of teachers and students, but also made students feel the care of the International Education Institute, strengthened the emotional exchanges between students from all over the world, shortened the distance between teachers and students of the National Education Institute, and made teachers and students feel better about the new one. Years of study and work are full of confidence and expectation.



Activity scene





The classmates returned with a full load 

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