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GXMU won 3 silver awards

From May 15th to 16th, the finals of the 10th China University Student Medical Technology Skills Competition were held at Tianjin Medical University and Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our school was shortlisted for the five-year clinical medicine major, preventive medicine major, and nursing major. After two days of fierce competition, they finally won 3 silver awards in the finals of the competition.

During the preparation for the competition, school leaders such as Huang Zhaoquan, the secretary of the school’s party committee, Zhao Jinmin, the principal, and other school leaders visited the scene many times to cheer for the participating teams. After 4 months of joint participation and concerted cooperation of experts and teachers from various colleges, the three participating teams gathered their strengths and overcome difficulties, and finally achieved their level and style on the field, winning three silver awards, highlighting The medical adults have the spirit of striving for the long-term and forging ahead.


It is reported that as the first important conference held by the Chinese medical education community after the epidemic, the current China Medical Technology Skills Competition for University Students is based on the theme of "Suntech's ability to cultivate outstanding talents, both China and the West, to build a healthy China", adding traditional Chinese medicine to the original foundation. The professional track of preventive medicine and nursing has attracted a total of 497 teams from 211 universities across the country to participate, covering nearly 91% of domestic medical schools. After the preliminary qualifiers and regional competitions, a total of 142 teams from 81 colleges and universities advanced to the national finals. They competed on the same stage and exchanged skills, fully demonstrating the youthful demeanor of medical students in the new era of ethics, medicine, and benevolence. 










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