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Attend the award ceremony

On May 10th, our school participated in the award ceremony of the 4th Global Chinese Speech Contest held in Nanning, China, Guangxi, Thailand, and Vietnam. The competition is sponsored by the China Chinese Education Foundation, jointly organized by Guangxi Overseas Chinese School, Guangxi Normal University, Thai Chinese Teachers Association, and Vietnam Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and sponsored by Guangxi Normal University Press Group.


This competition is the first large-scale online competition organized by Guangxi in cooperation with Chinese education institutions in Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries. It is also the only multinational joint competition area in the global Chinese circle. A total of 276 entries were received in the competition area, and 26 first prizes, 50-second prizes, 82 third prizes, and 118 excellent prizes were selected. One of the first prize winners will participate in the global finals in Beijing.


Contestants Huang Teng and Zhang Jingwen recommended by the Confucius Institute at the University of Hanoi in Vietnam and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, jointly established by our school, won the first prize in the junior category, and Wang Siqi and Chen Jiayuan won the first prize in the junior category. Our school gave full play to its geographical and resource advantages, relying on three overseas Confucius Institutes, through the establishment of Chinese cultural experience camps, Chinese language training classes, cultural experience classes, etc, it has effectively spread Chinese culture and promoted cooperation and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries. communicate with.



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