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Winter vacation notice for international students in 2021



The winter vacation of our school is from January 16 to March 2, 2021.

The winter holiday information and related arrangements are now notified as follows:

1. Please consciously abide by Chinese laws and regulations, school regulations, and apartment management regulations.

2. The epidemic prevention and control is not over yet, please take personal protection, do not go out unless necessary, do not gather many people in the school, and cannot leave Guilin without permission. If you have to leave Guilin for special reasons, you need to report to the teacher of the International Student Management Department in advance and submit a leave application on the "School Border Link", and you can leave after being approved. Students who have been to high-risk areas of the epidemic need to take a nucleic acid test at their own expense before returning to school, and the test result is normal before returning to school.

3. It is strictly forbidden to promote religion on campus, hold or participate in religious gathering activities on campus, and only engage in religious activities in churches outside the campus.

4. Please pay attention to electricity safety. Do not privately connect power, water, wires, or use high-power electrical equipment in violation of regulations. It is strictly forbidden to use induction cookers, rice cookers, and other heating appliances in the dormitory. Please do not use open flames and store flammable and explosive materials in the dormitory. If you find any abnormal situation, please contact the front desk of the National Education Center as soon as possible.

5. Foreigners entering the dormitory must register at the front desk or security room of the National Education Center. It is forbidden to stay outside the school without authorization, and it is forbidden to stay in the student dormitory of the opposite sex.

6. Please consciously abide by the work and rest system, return to the dormitory before 23:00, and no longer go out after 24:00, and you must not return late or stay overnight without a reason.

7. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, etc., please tell the international student management teacher in time.

8. During the winter vacation, all international students in China need to check in on the "School Border Link" every day.

9. Consciously abide by traffic laws. It is forbidden to ride battery cars on campus, and it is strictly forbidden to drive motorcycles or cars without a license.

I wish you all a safe and happy winter vacation!

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