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Good results have been achieved in the art exhibition

From May 6th to 12th, the 6th National College Student Art Exhibition with the theme of "Struggle, Innovation, and Dedication" was held in Chengdu. This event was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Sichuan Province and co-organized by the Department of Education of Sichuan Province and the People's Government of Chengdu. Art performance category recitation "Thirty-year-old Eternity" and dance "Ama Carrying the Moon" won the first prize in Group A and the Outstanding Creation Award, and the drama "In That Remote Small Mountain Village" won the first prize in Group B and the Outstanding Creation Award; Cases "Exploration on the construction of a comprehensive university art major training mechanism aimed at cultivating leading talents in local culture and art" and "Renewing the color, adjusting new charms and cultivating new aesthetic education in Xidian University-Chinese excellent traditional cultural Caitiao drama in Guangxi University "Inheritance and Innovation" won the second prize for outstanding cases of college aesthetic education reform and innovation; our school won the National Outstanding Organization Award for the 6th National College Student Art Exhibition. Luo Tingrong, the vice president of our school, led a team to participate in the performance.




The recitation program "thirty years old forever" premiered in the performance. The program praised the deeds of "the first secretary" Huang Wenxiu and described that Huang Wenxiu, a graduate student of Beijing Normal University, gave up the opportunity to work in big cities and resolutely returned to his hometown. The first Secretary of Baini village, Leye County devoted himself to the front line of poverty alleviation and devoted himself to writing the moving story of the song of youth in the new era. " With "back" (one back) and "back" (four backs) as the core, Amar carrying the moon shows the vicissitudes of Zhuang women behind their mother's moon-like backbone through beautiful dance, pays tribute to the hardworking and simple Zhuang women who shoulder the responsibility of national inheritance, and the greatest maternal love in the world. " In that remote mountain village, the contemporary youth represented by graduate student Li Xiang thanked the society and gave back to their hometown through wonderful performances. They resolutely devoted themselves to the cause of Rural Revitalization and helped the children eager for knowledge in the mountain area.



Recitation program "Thirty Years Old Eternity"



Dance show "Ama Carrying the Moon"



Drama program "In that remote mountain village"


The National College Student Art Exhibition has been held every three years since 2005. It is currently the highest-level, largest, and most influential college student art exhibition in China. A total of 221 art performance programs were exhibited in this year's National Art Exhibition, representing the highest artistic level of college students today, and it can be called an artistic "feast" for college students across the country.


In this year's performance, the students of our school showed their youthful demeanor and won glory for the school. The high-level and high-quality performances show that our school has always attached great importance to the construction of campus culture and the cultivation of college students’ artistic literacy. It also reflects the continuous improvement of our school’s artistic level. It is our school’s adherence to morality, education, and culture. People, speeding up the school's aesthetic education construction and presenting the major achievements of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.

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