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Doctoral scholarship

1. Scholarship content and standards

Free tuition, free comprehensive insurance, free single room, 2,000 yuan monthly living expenses. If the school's tuition and accommodation fees for international students change, the total amount of scholarship assistance can be adjusted accordingly.


2. Open professional

All doctoral majors of Guangxi University can accept applications, and the length of schooling is three years.


3. Applicant qualifications

(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health.

(2) Applicants must have a master's degree and be under 45 years of age. Applicants who are admitted as graduates of master's degrees must submit a master's degree certificate or proof of passing the master's thesis defense before enrollment.

(3) Applicants must submit application materials by the requirements of the relevant enrollment guidelines of our school. International students who have applied for a Chinese Government Scholarship or a Chinese Local Government Scholarship cannot apply for this scholarship again.

(4) Applicants who have a high level of Chinese or English, have a background of studying in China, or come from a country where their mother tongue is English (or the official language is English) are preferred.

(5) Applicants who apply for majors in science, engineering, and agriculture are preferred.


4. Application date

From March to June each year.


5. Application process/approach

In addition to submitting paper-based materials, applicants can also apply through the online registration system of the International Education College of Guangxi University


The application materials can be used as Submit an attachment to the online application form.


6. Application materials

(1) "Guangxi University Junwu (Foreign Students) Doctoral Scholarship Application Form" (filled in Chinese or English, see attachment), the application form can be downloaded from the website of Guangxi University International Education College.

(2) Applicants need to submit a notarized master's diploma certificate and a transcript (in Chinese or English) during the master's degree.

(3) Study and research plans in China, written in Chinese or English.

(4) Two recommendation letters from professors or persons with equivalent titles, written in Chinese or English.

(5) "Foreigner Physical Examination Form", filled out in Chinese or English.


7. Receiving department

Admissions Section, School of International Education, Guangxi University


8. Contact

Admissions Section, School of International Education, Guangxi University, 100 University East Road, Nanning City, Guangxi

Zipcode: 530004

Phone: 86-771-3235229



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