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The science and technology team comes to GXU for investigation

From May 10th to 12th, the animal husbandry technology promotion team of the Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Industry Development Research Institute of our school successively went to our school in Napo County to help the villages of Koujiao Village, Chengxiang Town, Dala Village, Delong Township, and Nantou Village and Baishen Township. Guide the development of the beef cattle industry in other places, and the expert team exerts its professional technical expertise and rich production guidance experience to actively make suggestions for the development of the collective beef cattle industry in the village, solve technical problems in breeding for households, consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, and promote rural revitalization.



Go to the cattle-raising cooperative to guide beef cattle breeding


In each designated location to help the village, the expert team, together with the first secretary of the party organization in the village and the village committee cadres, guided the village collective cattle farm site selection, cattle farm construction layout, pasture planting, and management on the spot. At the same time, it enters the field to guide the farmers in scientific breeding and provides farmers with technical solutions such as ecological breeding, breed improvement, forage planting and processing, and disease prevention and control, to promote the quality and efficiency of beef cattle breeding.



Guiding the site selection for the construction of collective cattle farms in Koujiao Village


Napo County belongs to the Dashi mountainous area with many mountains and little land. The development of beef cattle breeding faces many problems such as lack of forage resources and lack of technology. Industrial development requires scientific and reasonable planning and the support of scientific breeding technology. Moderate scale breeding and scientific breeding are high in the industry. The way out for quality development. In recent years, the beef cattle market has been good, and farmers are more enthusiastic about raising beef cattle. Koujiao Village, Nantou Village, and Dala Village have a good foundation for raising cattle. Beef cattle breeding is an important source of income for farmers. Many villages collectively regard beef cattle breeding as a consolidation of poverty alleviation. The result is the leading industry for rural revitalization.

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