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Safety instructions

Dear international students:

To ensure that you study and live safely and happily in Guangxi University, please read the following safety precautions carefully.


(1) Use electric bicycles that meet national standards

The People's Republic of China's "General Technical Regulations for Electric Bicycles" stipulates four standards for electric bicycles.

1. The top speed of an electric bicycle is not higher than 20 kilometers per hour

2. The maximum rated continuous power of the motor shall not exceed 240 watts

3. The maximum weight of the electric bicycle does not exceed 40 kg

4. Equipped with human pedal


(2) Pedestrians

1. Please take the sidewalk

2. Please use zebra crossings, underpasses, or overpasses when crossing the road

3. Don't run the red light, don't jump over the guardrail in the middle of the road

4. Even if you encounter a green light, you must watch the six roads and always pay attention to the traffic


(3) Manpower bicycle

1. Regularly check the front and rear brakes to ensure their normal use

2. No passengers

3. Do not use headphones while riding

4. Please keep riding in your own lane


(4) Bus

1. Please wait at the platform and wait inline

2. Do not throw the debris out of the car window

3. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable and explosive items on the bus

4. Beware of pickpockets


(5) Electric and motor vehicles

1. Electric bicycles must be registered before driving on the road

2. When using an electric bicycle, please ride in a non-motorized vehicle lane

3. Please do not overload, 1 adult can only ride with 1 child under 12 years old

4. Please slow down when you encounter curves, corners, intersections, speed bumps, and pedestrians

5. Please wear a helmet when using an electric bicycle, and do not use earphones when driving

6. It is strictly forbidden to drive a motorcycle on the road. It is illegal to drive a motorcycle in Nanning City

7. Please control the speed consciously, and it is strictly forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol

8. When driving a motor vehicle, please drive in the motor vehicle lane; reverse driving is strictly prohibited


(6) Electricity safety and fire prevention

1. It is strictly forbidden to install electrical appliances in the dormitory without permission. If it is really necessary for daily life, an application must be submitted and the installation can only be done after approval;

2. It is strictly forbidden to equip cooking utensils in rooms and public places to cook things;

3. Before leaving the dormitory and residence, do a thorough inspection and pull out all electrical plugs.

4. In autumn and winter, the sky is dry and things are dry, and fires are prone to fire. Take precautions to prevent fire accidents.

5. Unplug all electrical appliances in the room during vacations and thunderstorms. No flammable and explosive materials are allowed to be stored indoors. If a fire is caused, all losses must be compensated. In serious cases, the judicial authority shall pursue criminal responsibility.

6. Electric bicycles must be charged in a designated safe place to prevent fire.


(7) Prevent the theft

Take good care of your valuables, take them with you or entrust them for safekeeping.

1. After opening the door, do not insert the key in the door;

2. When leaving the room or sleeping, make sure that the door is locked, the computer, mobile phone, and valuables are put away, preferably locked, not on the table;

3. When shopping on the street or taking a bus, carry your bag in front, where you can see;

4. Don't play with your mobile phone when riding on the bus or walking; don't put your mobile phone in your pants or clothing pocket;

5. The electric bicycle is locked with a big lock and kept in a place where people are supervised. It is best to turn on the alarm.


(8) Personal safety

1. Prevent food poisoning: It is forbidden to accept food from strangers and eat unhygienic food at roadside stalls outside the school.

2. Prevention of drowning: It is forbidden to swim in reservoirs or places without safety facilities, and pass through places where there is standing water when it rains.

3. Prevention of mental illness: If an international student has a mental illness, he should ask the headteacher or the teacher of the International Student Management Department to explain the situation in time, go through the formalities of suspension of school, and go to the hospital for treatment or go home to recuperate in time.

4. Prevent falling from height: It is strictly forbidden to climb the outer wall of the dormitory to enter the dormitory, and it is strictly forbidden to play or stay at the railings of the dormitory, and stay away from dangerous places at height

5. Prevention of influenza: Influenza (flu) is an acute respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus, and it is also a highly contagious and fast-spreading disease.


(9) Strengthen the publicity and education of personal hygiene knowledge

1. Maintain indoor air circulation and avoid crowd gathering places during peak epidemic periods.

2. When coughing or sneezing, tissues should be used to avoid the spread of droplets.

3. Wash your hands often and thoroughly, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with dirty hands.

4. If flu-like symptoms occur during the epidemic, seek medical advice promptly, reduce contact with others, and try to stay at home as much as possible.

5. Influenza patients should be isolated from the respiratory tract for 1 week or until the main symptoms disappear. The patient's utensils and secretions should be thoroughly disinfected.

6. Strengthen outdoor physical exercise and improve the body's ability to resist diseases.

7. The weather is changeable in autumn and winter, pay attention to adding and subtracting clothes.

8. Prevention and control of outbreaks in institutions: Once diagnosed, the patient should be asked to be admitted to the hospital for treatment or to rest at home, do a good job of personal hygiene, and try to avoid and reduce contact with others.

9. Get the flu vaccine

10. Attention to diet: After suffering from influenza, it is advisable to have a light diet and eat foods that are easy to digest and rich in vitamins. At the same time, pay attention to drinking more water, mainly boiled water.


(10) Points to note when going out during holidays

You must inform the class teacher or instructor when you go out to play. Pay attention to food hygiene and personal and property safety. Girls must travel in groups. Do not ride in unlicensed, unlicensed, and overloaded vehicles to prevent traffic accidents or extortion, or blackmail. Don't strike up a conversation with strangers. Stay away from crowded people as much as possible, comply with the safety management regulations of scenic spots and public places, obey the management of safety commanders, and prevent theft, trampling, and other accidents.


(11) Compliance with laws and regulations

Gambling, drinking and making troubles, gatherings for fights, drug abuse, sex, participation in feudal superstition, participation in pyramid schemes and other socially undesirable activities and illegal organizations and other illegal and criminal activities are strictly prohibited; do not get involved in obscene materials; in case of illegal incidents, you must do what you can and remember the crime Molecular characteristics, timely report to the police, provide important clues for the public security organs to solve the case, we must ensure that our life safety is not infringed.


(12) Emergency telephone number

On-duty phone of the school security office: 3235110; On-duty phone of the West University Police Station: 3853980

Burglary number 110, fire alarm number 119, emergency number 120, traffic accident number 122

Student Management Division Tel: 3235229

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