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Introduction to enrollment of overseas students from ASEAN countries

To implement and implement the deployment requirements of the party committees and governments of the Central and Autonomous Regions to promote the implementation of Guangxi and ASEAN’s comprehensive open cooperation, strengthen educational exchanges and cooperation between our region and ASEAN countries, and continuously improve the number and quality of overseas students from ASEAN countries, according to the autonomous region’s education In the spirit of the notice, Guangxi University for Nationalities will recruit undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students of the Guangxi Government ASEAN Countries Full Scholarship for International Students in 2021.


1. Scholarship enrollment categories, objects, and application conditions

1.1 Enrollment category:

Full-time undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students.


1.2 Country of admission:

For all ASEAN countries.


1.3 Application conditions:

Applicants for undergraduates should have an academic background equivalent to a Chinese general high school graduation, and be under the age of 25 ;

Applicants for master's degree should have a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35 ;

Applicants for Ph.D. candidates should have a master's degree and be under 40 years old.

(Note: Students studying native languages or third-country language and literature majors such as English and French are not recruited; scholarship enrollment places are only used for enrolling new students and not provided to students who have already studied in China.)


2. The Guangxi Government Scholarship Funding Projects and Criteria for ASEAN International Students

2.1 Exempt from registration fee, tuition fee, and on-campus accommodation fee;

2.2 Provide scholarship living expenses. The specific standard is 2,000 yuan per month for doctoral students, 1,500 yuan per month for postgraduates, and 1,000 yuan per month for undergraduates.

2.3 Provide Guangxi government scholarship comprehensive medical insurance for ASEAN countries.


3. Application method

3.1 All application materials must be in A4 format, in triplicate, and submitted to the Admissions Office of the International Education College of Guangxi University for Nationalities. It can be delivered by post, in person, and forwarded by the trustee. EMS is recommended for mailing.

3.2 The deadline for application is May 31, 2021 (subject to the postmark time).


4. Materials to be provided for scholarship application (in triplicate)

4.1 "Guangxi Government Scholarship Application Form for ASEAN Countries" (see Attachment 2 ), fill it out on the computer, print it, and paste the photo.

4.2 Recommendation letters of two professors or associate professors (recommended for master students) and two professors (recommended for doctoral students) of related majors must be autographed.

4.3 Notarized highest academic certificate and transcript. If the applicant is a student at school, a certificate of enrollment issued by the school must be provided (must indicate that the grades are qualified, and the graduation certificate can be obtained on time).

4.4 A copy of the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" within the 4.6-month validity period ( 6 months before May 31, 2021 ) (Applicants should strictly follow the required items in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Record". Missing items, "Foreigner Physical Examination Records" that are not affixed with a photo of the person or the photo is not stamped with a seam seal, without the signature and seal of the doctor and the hospital are invalid) (see Annex 3 )

4.5 Study plan or research plan in China (signature of the applicant is required). The content includes reasons for applying for scholarships, personal study or work performance, personal rewards, and personal expertise, etc.

4.6 Copy of valid passport.

4.7 A copy of the Chinese Proficiency Test ( HSK) certificate.

Note: The above application materials must be in Chinese or English, and notarized translations must be provided for documents in languages other than Chinese or English.


5. Procedures for admission and coming to China of scholarship students

Guangxi University for Nationalities and the relevant departments of the Guangxi government review the application materials of scholarship students and determine the list of admissions. Guangxi University for Nationalities issues an admission notice and the "Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China" ( JW202 Form) for admitted students. Candidates must provide valid contact information and mailing address.

The admitted scholarship students should apply for a study visa in China at the Chinese embassy (consulate), and go through the registration procedures at the school according to the time specified in the notice. The following documents are required for registration at the school:

5.1 A valid ordinary passport;

5.2  Visa application form for foreign students studying in China ( JW202 form);

5.3 Admission notice;

5.4 Physical examination form for foreigners;

5.5 The highest degree certificate and original transcript.


6. Contact

School of International Education, Guangxi University for Nationalities, China

Mailing address: No. 188, University East Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

Post Code: 530006

Phone: 0086 -771- 3260237

Fax: 0086- 771- 3260829

School homepage:



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