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News Agency Holds 2021 General Assembly

On the morning of May 9, the 2021 General Assembly of the University Student News Agency was held in the lecture hall of the Science and Technology Building. Rong Ziqing, the instructor of the University News Agency, and all members attended the meeting.








Rong Ziqing announced the list of the first batch of regular reporters and editors in the 31st issue and issued a press card.


Vice President Huang Yudie made an annual work summary on news and publicity work, department business learning, community management mechanism, and achievements. Under the concerted efforts of various departments, following the requirements of the school’s publicity work, a total of 1,839 news gathering and writing tasks were arranged, including 1,228 news reports and 611 special reports; completed [Party History Study and Education] series of important news reports and 790 graphic plans; Plan, arrange, and publish a total of 13 issues of "Guangxi University for Nationalities News", complete the university mailing and intra-school distribution of 364-384 issues of newspapers, complete the archives of the newspapers in 2019 and 2020, and the statistics of the newspaper archives from the inception to 2020. She said that looking back on the past year, the University Student News Agency has achieved good results in all aspects, but there are still some problems: inadequate team building activities within the community, less communication among members other than work, and lack of awareness of cooperation in various departments. High, the sense of collaboration needs to be strengthened.


Some members of the Department of Information, Photography Department, Thematic Department, Editorial Department, Siyuan Lake Campus Press Station, and other departments participated in the competition for the heads of the 18th University Student News Agency. A total of 51 people participated in the competition.


Official reporter Xie Jing of the Ministry of Information ran for the post of Deputy Director of the Ministry of Information. She said: “My writing skills and photography skills have been improved in many news reports. While reporting school news, I also published many articles on the online platform for Chinese college students. News. If you successfully compete for employment, you will definitely assume the responsibility and mission, and coordinate with other responsible persons to handle the daily work within the department."


Yuan Meixin, an official reporter of the school newspaper department, said: “After nearly a year of study and training in the school newspaper department, I have a certain understanding of the organizational structure and daily operation mode of the university student news agency. In the future, a reporter station will be set up on the Wuming campus, hoping to become The person in charge of the reporter station on the Wuming campus is responsible for the administrative management of the station. After successful recruitment, recruitment, business learning, and departmental activities will be the key work directions."


Rong Ziqing puts forward four requirements for all members: First, we must have the overall situation in mind, strengthen cooperation and exchanges between various departments, and enhance the sense of collective honor; second, we must base our work on the center, innovate the direction of topic selection, actively discover hot topics, and integrate current events. Actively plan hot spots, emphasizing the formulation of monthly planning plans as a regular discussion link in the regular meetings of the persons in charge; third, we must lay a solid professional foundation, cultivate one's skills, start from the subtleties, practice words, and sentences, and continuously improve their writing level; 4. It is to tell the story of the People's Republic of China well, benchmark excellent works, learn more and practice more, keep up with the pace of the times, and make good use of the current news propaganda platform.

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