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Li County senior high school visits GXUN

On the afternoon of May 3, Xie Jiazhe, principal of Leye Senior High School in Baise City, led the Egret class students to visit our school. Relevant staff from the Propaganda Department and Student Affairs Department (office) of the Party Committee of our school received the reception.






In the history museum of our school, the instructor introduced in detail the basic situation of our school’s current leaders, school development history, teacher and student teaching activities, scientific research, social services, and “national, regional, and international” school-running characteristics. Teachers and students of the Egret class watched each exhibition area of the school history museum, took photos to commemorate, and carried out extensive exchanges. In addition, the teachers and students of the Egret class went to our school’s new era "I grow up with the motherland" party and group theme activity transfer experience hall and visited the transfer display area, the ideological and political learning area, and the theme education area of "Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission" in turn. Wang Meilin of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee showed to the visiting teachers and students that General Secretary Xi Jinping's affectionate messages and ardent expectations for the majority of young people when he visited our school and broadcasted a special cultural video of our school's campus.


To further deepen the students' understanding of university life in the Egret class, our school held a symposium. Egret class students asked questions about study methods, university majors, and college students’ enlistment. Representatives of our school’s students shared their study skills and rules in high school, their choice of majors when applying for college admissions, and policies related to enlisting college students. Liu Qiancheng, deputy head of the Student Affairs Department (Division), introduced to the teachers and students of the Egret Class the curriculum arrangements, student social practice activities, and second classroom platforms of our school to improve the comprehensive quality of students.


After the meeting, the two parties took a group photo in front of the Passage Experience Center and took a tour around the school.

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