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Hold on-the-spot review meeting of College Students

On the evening of April 27th, our school held the Guangxi University for Nationalities 2021 college student annual character review meeting in Room 201 of the University Student Activity Center, and 18 candidates appeared on the stage one by one. The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, the Student Affairs Department (Division), the Youth League Committee, the Academic Affairs Office, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and other units and representatives of teachers and students attended the meeting.






After personal application, the college and school strictly reviewed the selection of this year's figures. A total of 18 students including Li Yumei were nominated for the 2021 college student figure of the Guangxi University for Nationalities. In this review meeting, students made presentations on their achievements in social practice, academic research, innovation and entrepreneurship, and voluntary dedication. The conference uses a combination of online voting and offline voting. The teacher judges and student judges select 10 annual figures.


In the end, Zhong Shiyu, Huang Jiale, Zhang Yuanjun, Cao Chuanqi, Gulizaer Wumail, Pang Guangpeng, Guan Yuxuan, Mao Yidan, Zhang Yuhua, and Jiao Ao were selected as the 2021 college students of Guangxi University for Nationalities.

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