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Hold shopping cup competition training

On the afternoon of May 8, the second Suning Tesco Cup National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Practice Competition training meeting hosted by Guangxi Suning Tesco and undertaken by the People’s Armed Forces College of Guangxi University for Nationalities was held in Room 201 of the University Student Activity Center. The meeting was hosted by Guangxi Suning Human Resources Director Ding Xiaohong, Human Resources Manager Liang Le, People's Armed Academy Youth League Committee Secretary Zeng Fanhua, Administrative Secretary Ma Rongyan, and some student representatives of our school attended the meeting.




Ding Xiaohong briefly introduced Suning's development process. She said that Suning has been relying on the spirit of perseverance and never-say-failure to make the company bigger and stronger along the way. Today, Suning has achieved diversified development, with chain stores all over the country, and has gradually explored the business form of online and offline multi-channel integration, full-category operation, and open platform services.


Liang Le briefly explained the basic situation of Suning’s corporate culture and the Suning Tesco Cup National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Practice Competition. He believes that the competition has three significance: one is to build a platform for school-enterprise cooperation to help colleges and universities to further promote the professional quality education of college students, to promote learning, to promote teaching, and to promote innovation by competition; second, to allow students to proceed without space constraints Practice internship, innovation and entrepreneurship, enrich internship experience, and polish entrepreneurial skills; the third is to discover college students with advanced Internet marketing thinking consciousness, select outstanding talents, and promote the development of Suning Enterprise.


Classmate Zhou Changjun of Class 3 of International Business Class of 2020 of the International Education College said: “The three leaders of Suning introduced a lot of knowledge about innovation and entrepreneurship, which will have an important impact on our future work. In addition, I signed up for the second In the Suning Tesco Cup Entrepreneurship Practice Competition, I hope to get more results in the competition."

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