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Our school holds a special meeting on enrollment work in 2021

On the morning of May 18th, the special meeting of our college's 2021 enrollment work was held in the second conference room on the eighth floor of the teaching building. College leaders Li Chenglin, Liang Tianjian, Fu Peng, and Zhao Bin attended the meeting and delivered speeches. All members of the enrollment work leading group attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Rongwu, deputy director of the Admissions and Employment Office, reviewed the general situation of enrollment in 2020, analyzed the new situation and new challenges faced by the college’s enrollment this year due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the comprehensive reform of the new college entrance examination and other factors. The progress of the project focused on arrangements and training exchanges on how to further strengthen enrollment publicity and consultation under the background of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

The meeting pointed out that enrollment is a systematic project, which is related to the quality of talent training and the development of the college. The whole hospital should fully understand the importance of enrollment and the severe challenges faced by enrollment under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control. , Attach great importance to, take the initiative, and work together to do a good job of enrollment; to enhance confidence, accurate publicity, boldly innovate publicity methods, broaden publicity channels, fully demonstrate the school’s characteristics and advantages, and further establish the school’s brand image in the society. The meeting emphasized that the admissions policy is strong, strict work disciplines, implementation of the "sunshine high recruitment" project, adhere to the "fair, just, and open" work principle, strictly follow the higher-level regulations and the college admissions charter, and conduct regular and orderly admissions. Work to ensure the successful completion of this year’s enrollment tasks.


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