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Mock interview activity

On the occasion of the 110th International Nurses Day, in order to alleviate the anxiety of nursing students’ employment internship interviews, improve students’ interview response skills, and care for students, the Department of Nursing closely integrated the “I Do Practical Things for the Masses” practical activity deployment. On the morning of the 10th, in the academic lecture hall on the fourth floor and in the classroom 201, a mock interview of the 2018 nursing students "exhibiting style and creating ideals" was held. The event invited eight experts Fu Guifen, Yang Xining, Huang Yi, Long Xiuhong, Lin Qin, Liu Wenwei, Huang Liyan, and Li Xinping as interviewers. College leaders Li Chenglin, Liang Tianjian, Fu Peng, Zhao Bin, and Zhang Rongwu, director of the Department of Nursing Director Cen Jiexia attended the event.

Zhang Rongwu and Cen Jiexia respectively expressed welcome and gratitude to the leaders and experts who came to guide the guidance at the two mock interview venues. In their speeches, they stated the purpose of holding this event. They hoped that the students could gain knowledge in this mock interview. Gain some gains, insist on inheriting the red gene, not forget the original intention of nursing, carry forward the nursing concept, and create a beautiful ideal.

The mock interview kicked off in the students' oath. The students who participated in the mock interview came to the stage in groups. They introduced and displayed themselves to the interviewers in terms of basic information, academic performance, professional skills, class and club appointments, scientific research interests, special hobbies, and awards, which aroused the interviewers’ feelings. Interests, and ask the interviewees questions about “Party History Study and Education, Professional Skills, Appearance” and other aspects.

Finally, the interviewer summarized the mock interview. They pointed out the problems in the interview process and detailed handling methods, and demonstrated on the spot. The interviewer introduced the formal interview process, skills, answers to frequently asked questions and key points of nursing operation assessment, and then gave three suggestions: One is to take the initiative to learn about the basic information of job applicants and job recruitment requirements in the early stage of the interview, and pre-set interviewer questions and answers ; The second is to have a sense of time, arrive at the interview site in advance and memorize your resume, and show yourself effectively within a limited time; the third is to always pay attention to your appearance, pay attention to etiquette, maintain firm and friendly eyes; fourth, have a Sincere heart, adapt to changes.

"Talking to the king is better than reading ten years." The students said that they have benefited a lot from this mock interview activity. They not only accumulated interview experience and strengthened interview skills, but also alleviated their fear and anxiety about future job interviews.




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