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International Student Graduate Guide

1. School profile

Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine was founded in 1956. The foundation of the establishment is the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, which was established in 1924. It is one of the first four Chinese medicine higher schools established in New China. It was originally directly under the Ministry of Health and National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration. The bureau was led by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government in 2000. In 2017, it was selected as a national "double first-class" discipline construction university. In 2018, it was promoted to a key construction university of high-level universities in Guangdong Province. In 2021, it became a joint unit of the People's Government of Guangdong Province, the Ministry of Education, and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Adhering to the university spirit of "Chongde Yuanzhi, Harmony and Tolerance, Learning from the Past, Seeking Innovation, and Dedication to Learning", the school implements the fundamental mission of Lide to foster people, and its overall school-running level, medical service capabilities, and international influence are among the national Chinese medical institutes. At the forefront of the school.
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2. School system and category

The length of study for full-time and part-time (part-time) Ph.D./Master students is generally three years, and the part-time system can be appropriately extended to four to five years.
Degree type: academic degree.

3. Eligibility for application

3.1 Non-Chinese citizens who hold a valid foreign passport with good academic performance and good conduct.
No criminal record and good health.
3.2 The applicant loves the cause of Chinese medicine and has a good knowledge base of biomedicine or Chinese medicine. The academic performance, academic level, and Chinese language proficiency must meet the entry requirements of the major applied for. Graduate students who apply for a master’s degree must have a degree or equivalent to that of a bachelor’s degree in Mainland China, and in principle, they must be under 35 years of age; a graduate student who applies for a doctorate must have a degree or equivalent that is equivalent to a master’s degree in Mainland China, and in principle Be under 40 years old.
3.3 The enrollment majors of our school in 2021 are divided into four major categories: clinical TCM majors, basic TCM majors, TCM humanities majors, and TCM majors. The professional background requirements for various majors are as follows:
(1) Chinese medicine clinical majors: candidates are required to graduate from Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage, Chinese and Western medicine clinical and clinical medicine (excluding non-clinical majors such as pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, nursing, and medical technology).
(2) Basic TCM majors: candidates are required to graduate from corresponding medicine, pharmacy, and biology majors.
(3) Humanities majors in Chinese medicine: candidates are required to graduate from medicine, pharmacy, biology, philosophy, law, literature, history, psychology, management, and information-related majors.
(4) Chinese pharmacy major: Candidates are required to graduate from the corresponding medicine, pharmacy, biology, and chemistry with a bachelor's or master's degree.
3.4 Language requirements: Applicants must have a Chinese proficiency level of 5 or above in the New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). If the native language is Chinese, or those who have accepted Chinese-taught degree courses in Chinese universities in recent years, they can be exempted from the requirement for HSK scores.

4. The application method

Online application:
(System opening hours: 8:30 am-5:00 pm daily)
Note: After the online application is successfully submitted, please be sure to pay attention to the status changes of the online application system and personal email address in time. All admission information will be fed back via email.

5. Deadline for application

April 15, 2021

6. Instructions for submitting application materials online (file formats require JPG or PNG)

6.1 One inch (2.2cm×3.2cm) recent ID photo;
6.2 A valid passport (the passport must be valid within 6 months from the date of applying);
6.3 The highest academic qualifications and degree certificates;
(1) If the applicant is a student at school, he/she must submit the expected graduation certificate issued by the school he/she is attending. After admission, he/she must submit a certificate of academic qualifications and degree.
(2) A notarized copy must be submitted if the certificate of academic qualifications is obtained abroad; a notarized Chinese or English translation must be provided for documents in languages other than Chinese or English.
6.4 Transcript;
Transcripts of all courses at the highest level of education. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must also provide notarized Chinese or English translations.
6.5 HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) score certificate if the native language is Chinese, or those who have received Chinese-taught degree courses in Chinese universities in recent years, the HSK score requirements can be exempted.
6.6 Personal statement must be no less than 1,000 words. The content should include personal study, work experience (especially study or work experience related to Chinese medicine), academic research results, master or doctoral research plan, personal development goals after graduation, etc.;
6.7 Two recommendation letters, which must be originals in Chinese or English (the recommender can be a professor, associate professor, or relevant person in the Chinese medicine field, with signature and contact information);
6.8 Foreigner medical examination form (can be downloaded in the attachment);
6.9 No criminal record certificate;
6.10 Applicant's letter of commitment to integrity (can be downloaded in the attachment);
6.11 Scholarship application form
The registration system is an application system for self-financed students. Those who apply for a scholarship for self-financed students should submit the relevant scholarship application form.
6.12 Other supporting materials
(1) List of published papers, abstracts, or other materials that can prove their research ability (if any);
(2) If the candidate intends to apply for a master's tutor or doctoral tutor who is not in the enrollment professional catalog, he must submit a written opinion that the tutor agrees to register.
Note 1: When necessary, our school will require applicants to submit supplementary materials.
Note 2: The interview arrangement will be notified separately.

7. Admission

Based on the comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ application materials, expert review, and tutor’s opinions, our school will select the best candidates for admission in batches according to regulations.

8. Enrollment

Foreign students who have been admitted to our school, please present the "Admission Notice", original passport, and X1 visa (study visa) to our school according to the registration time of the admission notice. Those who do not register for two weeks after the deadline, It is deemed to have waived the admission qualification automatically. Please refer to "Admission Notice" for specific registration matters. After the freshmen enter the school, the school organizes a physical examination. If the physical condition does not meet the requirements, the admission qualification will be canceled; only those with limited majors can negotiate to transfer to other majors.

9. Expenses

9.1 The registration fee is RMB 800, which shall be paid on the day of the opening of the journal;
9.2 Tuition
Tuition fee for doctoral students: RMB 38,000/person·academic year
Master's degree tuition: RMB 32,000/person·academic year
9.3 Accommodation fee (Sanyuanli campus)
The accommodation standard is subject to the arrangement on the day of registration. According to different accommodation standards, the cost is 7500-16000 yuan/person/academic year;
9.4 The insurance premium (comprehensive medical insurance for foreign students) is 800 yuan/year, which can be paid on-site on the day of registration, or purchased using WeChat, web pages, etc.
(1) Students should pay tuition and accommodation fees by school regulations when enrolling. The tuition and accommodation fees for students shall be by the relevant regulations of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education and the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission. If the above fees are changed, they shall be subject to the new Standard implementation;
(2) Tuition and accommodation fees are paid in one year, and bedding and daily necessities are purchased by themselves;
(3) If you choose to stay out, you must go through the procedures for staying out by the regulations;
(4) The students are responsible for the food, medical and transportation expenses during school.

10. Contact information:

Contact: Teacher Wang
Address: Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, No. 232 Waihuan East Road, University Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Admissions and Training Office of School of International Studies (Zip Code: 510006)
Phone: 86-20-39356996
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