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Hold Table tennis happy day

On warm spring days, Vientiane is renewed. The Table Tennis Fun Day hosted by the International College Table Tennis Team was successfully held on February 18th at the Table Tennis Field of the Student Activity Center of the University Town. The purpose of this activity is to enrich the campus life for teachers and students staying in the winter vacation, deepen mutual understanding and exercise a strong physique, and let out the sweat of youth.


On the day of the activity, many teachers and students participated, and the scene was lively. With the careful arrangement of the staff, the table tennis field was even more colorful, and the atmosphere was very warm with the background of popular music. There are four task challenge games in this event, namely: walking the maze, hitting the bottle, hitting the heavy ball, and Challenger One. Challenge those who succeed and get a small gift corresponding to the New Year.




The walking maze requires students to quickly walk through the maze while holding a racket without stopping the pinball. Those who pass within 30 seconds are passed, and those who pass within 20 seconds have excellent performance. If the ball falls on the ground, they will start again. This link requires participants to have the ability to coordinate the whole body and have a certain psychological quality. Participants said that this session was very challenging, but they also exercised patience and perseverance.






Slam shot is the most popular level. The level refers to the game of bowling. An array of water bottles is placed on the table tennis table. Students need to use table tennis to knock down the water bottles. Everyone has 10 chances. It is excellent to knock out 8 water bottles or more, and 5 water bottles or more are qualified. This game is a test of the students' strategizing ability. How to grasp the limited opportunities is definitely a life problem. The students are very addicted to this game, challenged one by one, showing full of youthful vitality.






Experiencing the training life of the table tennis team is of course an indispensable element of the fun day. The staff specially designed the two levels of heavy ball return and challenger one to let the students enjoy the fun of playing table tennis. The heavy ball return requires the students to do their best to return a powerful heavy ball from the ball machine. Considering that most of the participants have no ping-pong skills, the team members are enthusiastic to make simple teaching, so that students can personally enjoy the art of perfect combination of playing power and speed.






Challenger No. 1 takes senior members of the team as the main challenger and requires participants to make a challenge and decide the winner by five points. Of course, the challenger will converge on the challenger's ability. I hope that the students can experience the feeling of table tennis competition and develop their own sports potential.




All those who pass the game can get a gift, and those who perform well can get exquisite souvenirs. Take a look at our excellent friends.




The 2021 Table Tennis Fun Day was successfully concluded with the careful preparation of the International Academy Table Tennis Team. In this sunny spring, let us set sail for this new year with sports.




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