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Academician Hou Zhengnan visited GZU

Guida News Network   April 13 afternoon, the German Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering Academy, the Clausthal University of Technology in Germany, Professor Hou are fierce to the school visit, symposium held at the West Campus Yin Ching House, 202 meeting rooms. President Song Baoan met with Academician Hou Zhengmeng before the meeting and exchanged souvenirs. Vice President Wu Pan attended the symposium, and heads of related departments and colleges attended. Hong Yun, director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, presided over the symposium.




Wu Pan delivered a speech. He introduced the basic situation of our school from the aspects of school history, discipline construction, international exchanges, and cooperation, and said that with the support and promotion of Academician Hou Zhengmeng, Guizhou University and the Clausthal University of Technology in Germany officially opened friendly exchanges between the two sides. This has further promoted the continuous development of bilateral relations between the two universities in China and Germany. He stressed that the relevant departments, colleges should actively promote the "2 + 2" project implementation, and continuously expand the school of foreign exchange short-term work, do a good job teacher training and development work as well as "carbon neutral" further cooperation and docking technology research projects.




Hou Zhengmeng made suggestions for further deepening the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities. To put a doctor abroad as teacher training, training objects, developing a "gifted youth abroad" as the training objectives, the implementation of good "2 + 2" project. Second, we must actively promote summer camp exchange activities for undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students between China and Germany. Third, we must actively hold bilateral academic exchange meetings to promote academic learning and exchanges, especially research and cooperation on "carbon neutrality" and green energy in scientific research.




Director Chen Liqiong teachers at the two sides signed the "Clausthal University of Technology and the University of Guizhou cooperation agreement" with representatives of Hou is fierce.




At the forum, participants discuss aspects of the two German school degrees, education, scientific research, faculty exchanges.


After the meeting, Hou Zhengmeng titled "Challenges or Opportunities?" from China's "carbon neutral" and green development strategy, technical route, action plan, and green energy system ENSYSCO based on smart multi-sector coupling technology. Talking about How China Achieves Carbon Neutrality" lecture. The lecture was held in Wisdom Room 115, Dezheng Building, hosted by Wu Fuzhong, Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology.


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