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The library of Guizhou University

The library of Guizhou University is a comprehensive university library. After merging in 1997 and 2004, each campus library has completed one library system. There are three branch libraries on the west campus, South Campus, and north campus. The total area of the library is about 90000 square meters. It has initially realized the automation and informatization of library management and service. The library is a member Library of China Higher Education Document Guarantee System (CALIS). It now has 3.1 million paper books, 1.91 million e-books, and 42 Chinese and foreign electronic literature databases. Its collection is the largest of all kinds of Libraries in Guizhou Province. The Japanese Literature Library of Guizhou University ranks among the top three universities in China, Guizhou University Library is the core construction unit and operation and maintenance unit of Guizhou science and technology literature sharing platform.




Under the leadership of the president, the library implements the director responsibility system. There are one general branch secretary and three deputy directors. There are seven business departments in the library, including the acquisition and editing center, the circulation department, the Periodical Department, the consulting center, the technology department, the special collection department, and the office. There is 150 formal staff, of which 78 have middle or senior titles.


1. Collection characteristics

The library is a key point in the construction of teaching conditions, and the school has strengthened the construction of the library. Each campus library has its own characteristics in the collection resource planning: the North District library focuses on literature, history and philosophy, law, economics and management, and scientific literature; The Southern District library focuses on the collection of agricultural and biological science literature; Caijiaguan library focuses on industrial technology and forms a literature resource guarantee system to support teaching and scientific research.




At the same time as enriching paper-based literature, the library actively promotes the construction of digital resources. It has relatively rich e-book resources and 43 Chinese and foreign electronic literature databases (including CNKI, VIP, Wanfang, and other Chinese full-text databases, as well as ACS, EI, IEL, sage, Springer, Wiley, and other foreign full-text databases), It has initially formed a collection layout with reasonable collection structure and wide application of printed literature resources and electronic literature resources.


2. Reader service

By using ILAS integrated library management system, the library has completed the backtracking construction of books and documents in multi-campus after the merger, carried out the unified information management of books and documents in the library, and realized the loan and return of books in the multi-campus. The library is equipped with facilities such as distributed guide system, electronic information display screen, bibliography query terminal, automatic access control system, reader integrated service desk, and reading area with convenient use and cultural atmosphere. The library and reading room are all open shelves for reading. The library provides a humanized library environment for readers by implementing the integrated service of collection, borrowing, reading, and checking.


The library actively meets the needs of readers, opening seven days a week, 94 hours a week, and the attendance rate of the reading room reaches 95%. The number of readers received by the library continues to grow, with an average of more than 4000 readers per day and a total of 3.5 million readers. The number of books borrowed increased year by year, with more than 2.8 million people borrowed and nearly 2.1 million books returned. The digital resources of the library provide 24-hour uninterrupted service, and the number of visits to the website of electronic literature resources reaches 3.24 million person-times, with an average of 90000 person-times per month. Every year, the library of Guizhou University issued a readers' guide and database user guide for freshmen and set up a literature retrieval course to train students in the use of literature resources, which played an effective role in improving students' ability to obtain literature resources.

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