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Liu Zhonghua was appointed honorary president of tea college

To meet the requirements of high-quality and sustainable development, increase the influence of tea majors in colleges and universities, and better serve the Guizhou tea industry and rural revitalization strategy, on April 17, Guizhou University hired Academician Liu Zhonghua as the honorary dean of the tea college.




It is understood that Liu Zhonghua was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2019. He is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor of Hunan Agricultural University, director of the National Engineering Research Center for the Utilization of Plant Functional Ingredients, director of the National Tea Industry Technology System Processing Research Office, and a key point of the Ministry of Education of Hunan Agricultural University. Laboratory director, concurrently a member of the Horticulture Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, a member of the Agriculture and Forestry Department of the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Education, and deputy director of the National Tea Standardization Technical Committee.


Academician Liu Zhonghua is mainly engaged in tea processing theory and technology, tea deep processing, and resource utilization research. As the first person to complete, he won 2-second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 Science and Technology Progress Award of Healing Heli Foundation, 1 First Prize of Natural Science of Hunan Province, 3 First Prizes of Hunan Science and Technology Progress, and the first tenth prize of Hunan Province. Grand Innovation Award; more than 50 invention patents have been authorized, 5 national standards have been formulated; more than 260 Chinese academic papers and more than 70 SCI papers have been published.




At the appointment ceremony, Li Junqi, Vice President of Guizhou University, delivered a speech and issued a letter of appointment as Honorary Dean to Academician Liu Zhonghua. In his speech, Li Junqi expressed his sincere gratitude to Academician Liu Zhonghua for being hired as the honorary dean of the Tea School of Guizhou University. He believed that with the help and support of Academician Liu Zhonghua, he would inject strong technological impetus and provide strength for Guizhou's exploration of a new model of the rural revitalization of the tea industry. Strong intellectual support. It is hoped that under the leadership of Academician Liu, Guizhou tea can be empowered with science and technology, starting from the source, making efforts in varieties, cultivation, processing, and deep processing, innovating tea product systems, and breaking the development pattern of Guizhou tea.


Academician Liu Zhonghua said in his speech that he will continue to care about Guizhou, the tea industry of Guizhou, and the tea school of Guizhou University. At the same time, he affirmed the tenacious development of the tea school under the joint efforts of a group of "tea doctors" and its contribution to the development of the tea industry in Guizhou. Contribute, and hope that I will provide the necessary support for the discipline development and industry service focus of the Tea Academy. After the appointment ceremony, he gave an academic report to the teachers and students of the college with the topic of "Tea Deep Processing and Health".




It is reported that the Tea College is a special college built by Guizhou University to meet the needs of the development of the tea industry in Guizhou Province and reflect the "Guizhou University surnamed Guizhou". Since its establishment at the end of 2016, the school’s “13th Five-Year” development plan and the school’s “Double First-Class Construction Plan” have been fully implemented, focusing on discipline construction, talent training, scientific research, and serving the society to further emancipate the mind, change concepts, and improve The work style, the improvement of the ability, the steady progress of various tasks, and the gradual development into a characteristic college with "prominent professional characteristics and comprehensive development". In 2020, apply for 15 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 4 projects, 32 vertical projects, 2 horizontal projects; 7 provincial-level projects, 2 prefectural-level projects, 13 school-level projects, and 4 other projects; teachers Published 27 research papers, 27 papers published as the first author and corresponding author, including 7 SCI papers, 1 first-level journal, 6 core journals, 8 SCD papers, and 1 EI paper.

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