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Mobilization meeting for teachers innovation competition

Guida News Network News On the morning of April 15, the mobilization meeting before the provincial election of the first national college teacher teaching innovation competition was held in the Smart Classroom 213, Dezheng Building. Luo Changjiang, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee, and Deng Chaoyang, deputy principal, attended the meeting. The heads of the Academic Affairs Office and the Teacher Work Office, coaches, and participating teachers attended the meeting. Liang Fangyi, Deputy Director of the Teacher Work Office presided over the meeting.




Before the meeting, the participants watched the "Provincial Selection of the First National College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition" Guizhou University training video.


Chen Liqiong, director of the Teacher Work Office, introduced the situation of the training camp, and the deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office introduced the competition arrangements to Song.


The coaching staff and contestants shared their pre-match preparations, teacher teaching competition suggestions, and thoughts.


Deng Chaoyang made a mobilization speech. He expressed his gratitude for the hard work of the coaching staff and the active efforts of the contestants and said that this competition reflects the country's emphasis on undergraduate teaching and is an important manifestation of the student-centered promotion of teachers' morality. The school is a solid backing for the contestants. It is hoped that contestants will pay attention to details, maintain self-confidence, style, excitement, and excellent results.




Luo Changjiang made a mobilization speech from four points: gratitude, gratitude, feelings, and thoughts. He said that the innovative content of teaching is extremely rich. It is not only a teacher's grasp of professional learning and the frontier of the subject but also a mastery of teaching skills and a manifestation of teaching results. He emphasized that the participating teams should pay attention to details, learn the professionalism of "taking everything as a career", deeply understand the connotation of the teaching innovation competition, give full play to the collective wisdom of the team, with confidence and self-confidence, and use good The state greets the game.




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