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Selected in "2020 list of highly cited scholars in China"

Guida News Network News On April 22, the Elsevier2020 China Highly Cited Scholars List was officially released. A total of2 scholars from our school were selected, namely Song Baoan (academician and principal of the Chinese Academy of Engineering) and Mathematics Wang Jinrong (Dean of School of Mathematics and Statistics). The number of scholars selected by our school has increased by one compared with 2019, and the number of selected scholars ranks 136th among Chinese universities.


It is reported that the2020 Elsevier China Highly Cited ScholarsList uses Scopus, the world's authoritative citation and index database, as the source of data for Chinese scholars’ scientific research results. It is the first to adopt the Ministry of Education's first-level subject mapping, covering10 disciplines of the Ministry of Education field of 84 disciplines, a total of 373 universities,4023 research institutions, and scholars companies short-listed.

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