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Top ten scientific and cultural contributors of Guizhou tea industry

Guida News Network News On April 18, the opening ceremony of the 13th Guizhou Tea Industry Expo was held in the main venue of the Meitan Tea Expo Exhibition Center. The “Top Ten Potential Tea Enterprises”, “Top Ten Guizhou Tea Distributors”, “Top Ten Tea Travel Fusion Bases”, “Top Ten Technological and Cultural Contributors”, “Top Ten Tea Enterprises” and “Top Ten Most Beautiful Tea Enterprises” were selected at the meeting. Six units and individuals from "Chashan" presented awards. Professor Jin Linhong, deputy director and professor of the Key Laboratory of Green Pesticides and Agricultural Bioengineering of the Ministry of Education of our school, was awarded the title of "Top Ten Scientific and Cultural Contributors of Guizhou Tea Industry".




Jin Linhong, as the deputy team leader of the tea special class of Guizhou Province and the leader of the tea industry service team of Guizhou University, used the talents, platforms and technical advantages of the world-class discipline construction of plant protection to lead a team to write scientific research papers in the fields of Guizhou. Zhenfeng has dealt with the technical problems faced in the production in Menshan Village, Songtao Houtun Village and other places; established the provincial-level "Guizhou Tea Disease and Pest Green Prevention and Control Technology Demonstration Group" to provide green prevention and control technical services, and conduct online technical consultation 300 More than one time; organized and compiled a series of materials such as "Technology for the Prevention and Repair of Freezing Damage of Tea Trees", which were pushed online through the media, with a total of more than 200,000 views; 99 demonstration bases for green prevention and control of tea plant diseases and insect pests were built, and field services were carried out for 337 times to provide guidance There were 5,586 tea farmers, 17 technical trainings, and 2225 agro-technicians and tea farmers; they took the lead in implementing the "Doctor Village Chief" program and led graduate students to provide 362 technical services on-site during the epidemic. Jinlinhong's work in the tea industry has driven farmers out of poverty and achieved significant social and economic benefits.



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