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Hainan Medical University is the only one within the public medical school in Hainan, China free trade port, was formerly founded in 1947-strong Medical and Technical School was founded in 1948, private Hainan University School of Medicine. The school upholds the spirit of the school motto of "Honesty, Preciseness, Knowledge, and Harmony", and implements the talent training concept of "Committed to the cultivation of job competence and leadership, and demonstrates the development of individuality". It insists on cultivating people with morality to serve healthy Hainan and serve Hainan. Free trade port, serving the prevention and control of tropical diseases as its own responsibility, carry out doctoral, master, undergraduate, and junior college multi-level high-quality personnel training. School seat falls tropical coastal tourist city - the capital of Haikou City, Hainan Province, covers an area totaling 1443.33 acres, of which the new campus covers an area of 787.04 acres of Guilin Yang.



Hainan provincial government focus on supporting the construction of the school "medicine distinctive features tropical Medical high level", the school has covered medicine, science, management, engineering four disciplines 29 undergraduate programs, the existing full-time students 13627 people, including 33 doctoral students, 823 graduate students, undergraduates 9553 people, 640 people left the students. In 1111 full-time teachers with senior professional titles 781 people, including professors 158 people, have a doctorate in accounting for more than 40.41%. There are 30 special experts from the State Council, 1 overseas high-level talents "Thousand Talents Program", 6 national "Hundreds and Thousands of Talents Project ", 4 national outstanding teachers, national Chinese medicine colleges and universities teaching teachers 4, the Ministry of Education "New Century excellent talents "4 people, the Chinese Medical Association branch chairman of emergency medicine one person, Hainan nine outstanding talent, the introduction of flexible academicians nine people, three people Changjiang scholar.



School clinical medicine is the first subject in Hainan Province to enter the top 1% of ESI in the world. Five-point five professional master's degree authorization level disciplines authorized a master's degree in existing basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, medicine, biology, clinical medicine, public health, nursing, pharmacy, dental medicine, a clinical medicine Authorization point for a doctoral degree in level disciplines. In 2014, clinical medicine and pharmacy passed the professional certification of the Ministry of Education. In 2017, it passed the undergraduate teaching review and evaluation of the Ministry of Education. In 2019, the three majors of clinical medicine, pharmacy, and nursing were identified by the Ministry of Education as national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites; with national characteristics professional 2, national experimental teaching demonstration center 1, a national clinical teaching training and demonstration center 1, the Ministry of Education Excellence physician education and training 5, the provincial first-class undergraduate specialized construction 6, 10 provincial professional characteristics, There are 3 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 7 provincial-level teaching teams, 19 provincial-level quality courses, and 6 provincial-level first-class undergraduate courses.



University characteristics as tropical medicine, tropical medicine has a teaching, a complete system of scientific research, clinical, forming stable tropical medicine research. There are two key laboratories of the Ministry of Education for emergency and trauma research and tropical translational medicine. The Key Laboratory of Tropical Disease Prevention and Control of the National Health Commission has passed the assessment of the expert group, one out-of-hospital innovation unit of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and one national GLP Certified Hainan Provincial Drug Safety Evaluation Research Center, 9 provincial-level key laboratories, 3 provincial-level clinical research centers, 3 provincial-level engineering research centers, 2 post-doctoral research workstations, and 8 academician workstations. Sponsored 6 medical journals, of which "Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine" and "Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine" are the only two international tropical medicine journals in English that are included in SCI, with impact factors of 1.940 and 1.903, respectively. Ranked 11th and 12th in the global SCI tropical medicine journals. In the past five years, it has undertaken 199 national-level scientific research projects with a funding of 71.678 million yuan. A total of 53 provincial and ministerial awards were won, including 4 first prizes of the Hainan Provincial Science and Technology Award, 2-second prizes of the Ministry of Education Natural Science, and 4 third prizes of the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award. There are 3 first prizes for teaching achievements in Hainan Province.



A school-owned subsidiary of Hainan Hospital (Hainan Provincial People's Hospital), First, Second Affiliated Hospital and Cancer Hospital of four affiliated hospitals, with a total of more than 7800 beds in the door, the total amount of emergency 4,531,300 passengers, 244,000 discharged patients Person times. There are 8 national key clinical specialties, 2 key clinical specialties of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 69 national-level resident training bases, and 3 national-level specialist doctor training bases. It is a national water emergency education and training base, a supporting unit of the National Emergency Medical Rescue Team (Hainan), and 5 non-directly affiliated hospitals.



Establish partnerships with well-known domestic and foreign universities the University of Nebraska, University of Basel, Switzerland, National University of Singapore, Maxi Long University, Thailand, Hong Kong University, Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine, Zhongshan School of Medicine, Nanjing Medical University, And the United States Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation and Shanghai Ruijin Hospital jointly established the "Aging and Cancer International Research Center", and the Sino-foreign cooperative education project with the University of the West of England in the United Kingdom has been officially launched. The “Belt and Road” Tropical Medicine Alliance was initiated and established with 120 universities and scientific research institutions from 27 countries and regions, and three tropical medicine summit forums have been held.




(Updated to November 2020)


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