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Admission Measures for International Graduate Students of Hainan Medical University in 2021


In order to do well in the admission of international graduates of our school in 2021, these measures are formulated according to the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and Hainan Educational Department combined with the actual situation of our school.


1、Basic principle

(1)Adhering to the principle of "admission based on demand, selecting the best, fewer but better".

(2)Adhering to the principle of scientific selection, fully respecting the autonomy of supervisors, conducting multiple comprehensive evaluations. To ensure the quality of students, taking the quality as the core, paying attention to their innovation, profession, and comprehensive quality. To enhance the scientificity, effectiveness, and normalization of the interview for the overall quality of students.

(3)Adhering to the bottom line of fairness, setting strict limits on the material check and interview management, to ensure the fairness and justice of admission.



2、Management of the organization

(1)The School Admission Committee conducts overall leadership and management of the international graduate admission and authorizes the enrollment rules, plans and measures.

The working group will authorize the plan for international graduate admission and the to-be-admitted list.

The Admission Office is responsible for implementing the resolutions of the Admission Committee, organizing and implementing the international graduate admission under the leadership of the graduate admission working group.

(2)Under the guidance of the School Admission Office, the admission group of the School of International Education is responsible for the implementation of the international graduate enrollment examination.



3、Admission Form

(1)Material review: see the 2021 Recruitment Brochure for International Graduate Students of Hainan Medical University for details. Those who fail the material review will not enter the interview.

(2)Interview: The interview will be conducted in Chinese and will last for 25 minutes consisting of self-presentation (including self-introduction, research plan, etc., with prepares PPT) and free questions and answers:candidates will be questioned by experts according to the discipline of their professional knowledge, comprehensive quality.

(in case of COVID-19 epidemic, the prevention and control of the national and provincial people's governments is upgraded and impossible for on-site examination, online examination will otherwise be held)




The full marks is 100, including 30 for self-presentation and 70 for free questions and answers.Those with below 60 marks will not be admitted. Candidates who apply for the same school and the same supervisor will be ranked according to their final marks from the highest to the lowest.



5、Admission publicity

In accordance with the provisions of the relevant enrollment policy of the Department of Education, the interview and admission measures as well as the candidate's preliminary  materials check shall be represented to the school graduate student enrollment working group for examination, approval and publicity.



6、COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control during the interview

During the interview, the epidemic prevention and control  will be performed under the command and guidance of the school epidemic prevention and control.

(1)Disinfection of the environment of the interview room.

The logistics office of the school is responsible for disinfecting all examination rooms one day in advance.

(2)Track and review of the travel history and health code of the experts and the candidates, strengthening prevention and control knowledge; Before entering the site, body temperature shall be measured by the person in charge.Masks and good personal protection is required. During the interview, experts shall keep a certain distance.Those who meet no requirements for prevention and control are not allowed to enter the examination room.

(3)Disposal of exceptional situations

anything untoward such as fever is found,the work shall be ending immediately,and the backup personnel shall take over the work.Meanwhile,the emergency team of the university shall be reported to for treatment according to "Disposition Plan of exceptional situations during Epidemic Prevention and Control of Hainan Medical University".



7、Contact details:











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