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Heda hospital ranks first

Recently, the National Health Commission announced the latest "Report on the National Monitoring and Analysis of the Performance Appraisal of the National Tertiary Public Hospitals". The Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University in the analysis of the national monitoring indicators for the performance appraisal of 2413 tertiary public hospitals across the country: its comprehensive strength ranks nationwide Ranked 116th, rank A+, ranked 2nd in Hebei Province; CMI value (case mix index reflecting the level of diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases) is 1.13, ranking 107th in the country; total scientific research funding ranks 79th in the country; the fourth-level number of surgeries Ranked 165 in the country, the "National Examination" transcript of the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University indicates that the hospital has become the first phalanx of the "National Examination" of tertiary public general hospitals and has achieved a historic breakthrough.


This is the second third-level public hospital performance "National Test" results announced at the national level. The authority, professionalism, and scientificity have reached a new height. The performance appraisal of national tertiary public hospitals has gone through more than 100 experts, two stages, and four rounds of data quality control. The Tianhe-2 supercomputer analyzed 101 million medical record homepages and other 485,600 items of data and 42,500 pieces of supporting information. The Health Commission, in conjunction with relevant departments, organized experts to conduct spot checks on hospital data, and finally completed the analysis of the national monitoring indicators for the performance appraisal of 2,413 three-level public hospitals.


The Affiliated Hospital of Heda attaches great importance to the performance appraisal of national tertiary public hospitals, gives full play to the role of the performance appraisal "baton", integrates the performance appraisal system into the daily work of the hospital, checks for differences in standards improves and upgrades, and pays close attention to the quality of medical and service Improve the level of refined management and the overall operating efficiency of the hospital. As a national major epidemic treatment base and a regional medical center in Hebei Province, the Affiliated Hospital of Heda University has played the role of a regional diagnosis and treatment center for difficult and critical diseases. It has also established a national-level specialist, several provincial-level clinical key specialties, and provincial-level key disciplines. , a Standardized training base for provincial resident physicians, and a national endoscopy training center. The medical 3D printing technology of the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University is at the international and domestic leading level. The minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, vascular intervention, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, and other technologies are ranked first in the country. The hospital is the first to carry out day surgery in China. And one of the three-level public hospitals of Multidisciplinary Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT), effectively playing the leading and guaranteeing role of the regional difficult and critical disease diagnosis and treatment center.



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