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Hebei University held a series of meetings

From April 16 to 18, the first council and academic committee inaugural meeting of the collaborative innovation center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") jointly established by the provinces and ministries of photovoltaic technology and the 2021 photovoltaic frontier science and technology seminar was held in our school. Academician Li Shushan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Researcher Li Yongfang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Liqian, Deputy Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Provincial Department of Education, President Kangle, and Vice President Li Jinshan attended the meeting and delivered speeches.


The center was recognized by the Ministry of Education in December 2018. The lead unit is Hebei University. The cooperating units include Baoding Municipal Government, North China Electric Power University, China Institute of Metrology, Yingli Group, Lucky Group, JA Solar Co., Ltd., Juli 9 units including the Group and Hebei North University have formed a collaborative innovation community with complementary advantages of government, industry, university, research and use, and resource sharing.


At the inaugural meeting of the first board of directors of the center, Professor Li Jinshan was elected as the chairman of the Center, Professor Fu Guangsheng was hired as the director of the center, and Dr. Song Dengyuan, the director of the State Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials and Technology of Yingli Group and the professor of our school, was appointed as the chief scientist of the center. At the inaugural meeting of the first academic committee of the center, academician Li Shushan was hired as the chairman, and academicians Li Can, Zhang Zhonghua, Li Yongfang, Yang Deren, and Professor Yang Yongping, president of North China Electric Power University were appointed as deputy directors. China Renewable Energy Society Photovoltaic Professor Zhao Ying, Director of the Professional Committee, Researcher Wang Wenjing, Director of the High-Efficiency Solar Cell Research Office of the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Feng Zhiqiang, Director of Trina Solar Photovoltaic Technology and State Key Laboratory, Researcher Meng Qingbo, Director of the Clean Energy Center of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Han Hongwei, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor Liu Shengzhong of Shaanxi Normal University, Professor Mai Yaohua of Jinan University, and Researcher You Jingbi of the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are members of the Academic Committee.


The academician of Kangle said that the photovoltaic center led by Hebei University has gathered many advantageous scientific and technological resources, has the ability to research key core technologies in the photovoltaic field, promotes the in-depth integration of production, education, and research, and provides services for the construction of an innovative country and a strong scientific and technological province. The establishment of the first academic committee marked that the center has entered a new stage of development. It is hoped that the committee members will play a good role in academic guidance and intellectual support, better plan the development direction of the center, connect with the frontier fields of photovoltaics, produce more high-level academic results, and enhance the ability to serve regional economic and social development.


Wang Liqian pointed out that the construction of the center is of great significance to the implementation of General Secretary Jin Ping’s important speech and instructions on “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, and it also provides strong support for accelerating the energy transformation and green and low-carbon development of our province.


Li Jinshan also put forward specific hopes and suggestions on personnel training, scientific research, and discipline construction, and expressed high hopes for the establishment of the council.


At the same time as the conference, the 2021 Photovoltaic Frontier Science and Technology Seminar was held. Academician Li Yongfang and 9 famous experts in the photovoltaic field gave reports on the latest developments in polymer solar cells, crystalline silicon/thin-film solar cells, and perovskite solar cells.


Baoding Science and Technology Association, Technology Transfer Center, Science and Technology Department, School of Physics and Technology, and various cooperative units and other principals, as well as some representatives of teachers and students, attended the meeting.



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