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Li Wei won the first prize

On the morning of April 13, the Hebei Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Shijiazhuang. The scientific research achievement "Key Technology Development and Industrialization of Green Synthesis of Penam Antibiotic Intermediates" hosted by Professor Li Wei from the School of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences of our school won the first prize of Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award. This is the third consecutive year that the institute has won the first prize of the Provincial Science and Technology Award since 2018.


For the first time, Li Wei’s team has jointly adopted genetic engineering and metabolic engineering technologies to establish a new process for the synthesis of Panem side-chain intermediates to achieve the goals of high quality and low cost, promote the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry in Hebei Province, and have a significant impact on the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. An important demonstration and leading role. The “Industry-University-Research” platform of “engineering strain construction-evaluation-industrialization transformation” was created, which promoted the rapid economic and social development of the province.


The team focuses on innovative drug R&D and green pharmaceuticals as the main research direction, and has created a multidisciplinary and comprehensive research platform focusing on the three characteristics of biological enzyme catalytic conversion clean production process, targeted drug creation, generic drug process development, and industrialization. . Facing the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, it has continuously strengthened scientific research and deepened collaborative innovation and has achieved remarkable results.


The Hebei Science and Technology Award is established by Hebei Province to reward citizens and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in scientific and technological progress activities. In the past five years, the College of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences has successively won 1 first prize, 2-second prizes, and 3 third prizes of Hebei Province Natural Science; 2 first prizes and 1-second prize of Hebei Science and Technology Progress Awards.



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