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Chinese Character Writing Competition


On the evening of December 18, 2019, the 3rd Chinese Character Writing Competition for International Students in China was successfully held in the Western Education Lecture Hall. With the theme of "Chinese Characters Inheriting Culture, Pen and Ink Writing China", 22 international students from Laos, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries participated in the competition.


The competition is divided into soft pen calligraphy groups and hard pen calligraphy groups. In the competition, the participating students showed their "craftsmanship", each exhibited their strengths, one horizontal and one vertical, one stroke and one flick. By writing beautiful poems, they felt the charm of extensive and profound Chinese characters. After fierce competition and careful evaluation by the judges and teachers, the competition awarded the first, second and third prizes with a total of 10 students. In the end, Jiasi from Mongolia and Yang Xiongcheng from Laos won unanimous praise from the judges for their standard writing, smooth use of pens, and neat rows. They won the first prizes in the hard pen calligraphy group and soft pen calligraphy group respectively.


The launch of the Chinese Character Writing Contest has not only standardized the writing habits of international students but also improved their writing skills. In the pleasant atmosphere of the competition, the international students experienced the shape and the beauty of Chinese characters through the writing of Chinese characters and felt the charm of Chinese culture.



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