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1. How to apply for Hefei University of Technology?

Step 1: Log in to http://admission.hfut.edu.cn to apply online.

Step 2: The school will review the materials and send the "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" (JW202) to the admitted.

Step 3: The admitted person himself shall apply for a visa (X visa) at the Chinese embassy abroad with the "Admission Notice", "Visa Application Form for Studying in China" (JW202) and "Foreigner Physical Examination Record".

Step 4: The admitted applicants should bring the admission notice, JW202 form, passport, 8 copies of their registration photos and the original physical examination form, and report to Hefei University of Technology on time according to the date on the admission notice. And complete the residence application procedures within 30 days after entry. If you fail to register on time without any reason, your enrollment qualification will be canceled. Those who cannot register within the specified date due to special circumstances must contact the school in advance, and the enrollment can be postponed after approval.


2. How to apply for a visa?

International students need to apply for an entry visa to China at the Chinese embassy or consulate in their home country. For information about the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/


3. What type of visa should I apply for?

Since a non-study visa cannot be changed to a residence permit in China, to cause unnecessary trouble, students must apply for an X1 or X2 visa to enter the country.

(1) Students who have studied in China for more than half a year must enter the country with an "X1" visa.

X1 visa is issued to those who apply for long-term study in China. After entering the country with an X1 study visa, the visa is valid for 30 days. You must go to the International Students Office to apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entering the country. It cannot be changed to any other type of visa. Before applying for a residence permit, students also need to provide a health certificate issued by the Hefei Customs Inspection and Quarantine Department. Therefore, the school advises students not to enter the country too early, because you can only apply for a residence permit after you register at the school.


(2) Students who study in China for less than 180 days can enter the country with an "X2" visa.

X2 visa is issued to those who apply for short-term study in China. The validity period of the X2 visa will be marked on the visa page, and you can stay for a specified number of days from the day of entry, and the maximum length is 180 days. If you enter the country with an X2 visa valid for 90 days on August 25, you can stay for the longest until November 23 of that year. Students who enter the country with an X2 visa do not need to apply for a residence permit. In addition, please note that the X2 visa can only travel to and from China once.


3. What documents are required to apply for a visa?

(1) Valid passport

(2) Admission Notice (original)

(3) Visa application form for foreigners studying in China (also known as JW201/JW202 form).


4. What should I do if I cannot arrive at the school within the prescribed time to complete the registration procedure?

If you cannot arrive at the school within the registration time specified by the school, you should contact the relevant school management teacher in advance to inquire about the method of self-registration.


5. What is the residence permit for foreigners?

The residence permit for foreigners in the People's Republic of China is a residence permit issued to foreigners who have stayed in the People's Republic of China for more than one year. International students who enter the country with an X1 visa must switch to a residence permit within 30 days from the day of entry. This certificate should be applied to the exit and entry management agency of the public security agency in the place of residence. For details, please refer to the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners" and the relevant regulations of the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.


6. What should I pay attention to regarding the residence permit?

When applying for a residence permit, a qualified "Foreigner Physical Examination Record Verification Certificate" issued by the local health and quarantine department must be submitted. Therefore, please complete the health check as soon as possible after entering the country and bring the certification materials to the local immigration bureau.


Since the police station needs to submit the original passport when applying for the residence permit, some businesses that require a passport, such as a bank card issuance, mobile phone/network activation, etc., may be affected by this. Please arrange related matters in advance.


7. Where can I apply for a residence permit?

Handling agency: Hefei City Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration

Address: Hefei City Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration and Exit-Entry Reception Hall

No. 2588, Nanjing Road, Binhu New District (2nd and 3rd Floor, Area B, Element Market at the intersection of Huizhou Avenue and Nanjing Road)

Working hours: 9:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday

Consultation telephone: 0551-62624550.


8. Do I have to purchase medical insurance?

According to relevant national regulations, international students who have studied in China for more than six months must purchase medical insurance in China. The school will provide students with consultation and services related to insurance purchase.


9. Do I have to have a physical examination?

According to the relevant regulations of the Chinese government, students entering the country with an X1 visa must undergo a health check. Students can undergo a physical examination in their home country before coming to China, and submit the original "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" in Chinese or English at the time of registration, and then go to the health care center of the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau for re-examination. If the submitted health certificate does not meet the specifications and requirements, or if the physical examination is not performed before coming to China, the health examination must be performed again at the health care center of the local inspection and quarantine bureau. The health center will issue a "Foreigner Physical Examination Record Verification Certificate" for you, which is necessary material for applying for a residence permit in China.


Normally, the school will arrange the physical examination in a unified manner. If you miss the collective physical examination time, you need to go to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau to complete this procedure by yourself. The X1 visa must apply for a residence permit within 30 days from the day of entry, so the medical examination must be completed as soon as possible after entry.


International students entering the country with an X2 visa do not need a medical examination.


10. What materials are needed for the medical examination?

(1) Your passport

(2) Medical examination materials in your home country before coming to China

(3) 2-inch passport-free photo (can also be re-applied at the physical examination site)

(4) A copy of the admission notice or a certificate issued by the school.


11. Where to go for a physical examination?

Physical examination agency: Hefei Customs Health and Quarantine Office

Location of physical examination: No. 367, Wuhu Road, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Physical examination time: 8:00-11:00 in the morning from Monday to Friday

Contact: 0551-62856539


12. What should I pay attention to during the physical examination?

(1) Don't eat anything on the morning of the physical examination, because blood needs to be drawn;

(2) Please bring your passport and 4 photos during the physical examination;

(3) The medical examination fee is about 400 yuan;

(4) After you get the results of the medical examination, please submit your passport and the results of the medical examination to the office so that the teacher can prepare the visa materials.


13. What materials do new students need for registration?

(1) Original and photocopy of valid passport and visa (X1 or X2)

(2) Original and copy of the admission notice

(3) The original copy of "Visa Application Form for Foreigners Studying in China" (JW201 or 202)

(4) Your passport size photo

(5) Registration fees, tuition fees, medical insurance fees, accommodation fees, etc. related fees that need to be paid at the time of registration

(6) "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" and original blood test report (for students who study in China for more than 6 months must provide)


14. What is the general process of registration?

(1) Accommodation: Go through the accommodation procedures and move into the dormitory;

(2) Payment: Payment of tuition fees, registration fees, and other related fees;

(3) Purchase medical insurance: present a valid passport, admission notice, and pay medical insurance fees;

(4) Student registration: fill in the relevant forms to complete the student registration;

(5) Physical examination: The school will arrange a physical examination for students;

(6) Visa interview: The school uniformly arranges an interview for students who apply for a residence permit for study for the first time;

(7) Apply for a residence permit: After obtaining the results of the physical examination and passing the interview, you need to apply for a residence permit.


15. What do I need to do when I arrive in China?

After arriving, the first task is to enter the country through China's border inspection.


The Chinese border inspection is divided into various channels such as the Chinese citizen channel and the foreign citizen channel. International students should pass through the foreign citizen channel. Before entering the country, it is necessary to fill in the "Foreigners Entry Application Form" and hand it to the inspector at the customs. The inspector may ask for information about the purpose of travel, contact person in China, address and other information. They should prepare a response in advance and carry paper supporting materials with them.


After entering the country, you are not allowed to stay at the border inspection, you should pick up your luggage as soon as possible, and cooperate with the security personnel to conduct security checks on your luggage.


16. How to get to the school?

After entering the country, you can usually choose a variety of travel methods such as taxi/subway/bus, or you may need to take an intercity train or connecting a flight to the destination city. Please consult the school for details.


17. After arriving at school, where can I live?

Usually, live in a student apartment on campus, or rent a house off-campus.

Please note that students who do not check-in within the time set by the school may need to arrange their own accommodation, please contact the school for specific information.


18. To study in China, what systems do I need to follow?

The behavior of international students in China will be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China regarding foreigners, local regulations, and school discipline and school rules; the local immigration bureau, police station, and the school will jointly assume the responsibility for the management of students.


At the time of enrollment, the school will uniformly provide guidance on the enrollment code of conduct and campus rules and regulations for the new students this year; in addition, the immigration bureau and the police station will also hold lectures on public safety knowledge from time to time.


19. If I want to participate in an off-campus internship, what should I pay attention to?

International students holding X visas, if they need off-campus internships or part-time jobs during their studies at the school, upon the approval of the school, they can submit to the entry-exit management agency of the public security organs the approval of part-time work or off-campus education issued by the school and the internship unit. Letter of internship, application for a residence permit with a note. After adding the note, students can engage in off-campus internship activities at the internship unit; if not, they are not allowed to do work-study or internships outside the school. Please note that your internship date cannot exceed the deadline of your residence permit.


If you want to find an internship, please obtain it through professional and formal channels, such as the on-campus student service center or information platform.


20. Can I rent a house off-campus?

In principle, international students should live in international student apartments. If you need to rent a room off-campus, you must go through the procedures following relevant regulations. Undergraduates and first-year graduate students must live in international student apartments and are not allowed to rent houses off-campus.


21. What are the procedures for moving out of the dormitory?

International students who leave school due to graduation, graduation, withdrawal, suspension of school and other reasons, and voluntarily apply for withdrawal, should go through the withdrawal procedures at the property service center: settlement of accommodation fees, return of keys and inspection of furniture, etc., and move out within the specified time limit If the apartment is overdue, it is deemed that the international student has voluntarily given up the ownership of the items left in the room, and the property service center has the right to deal with the loss.


22. Does the dormitory have access control?

International students should strictly abide by the dormitory building's work and rest system, and consciously turn off the lights and go to bed on time. The dormitory building closes at 24:00. Those who cannot return to the dormitory in time due to special reasons must submit relevant instructions. The voucher can only be entered after registration at the dormitory guard.


23. Can I have pets in the dormitory?

It is forbidden to keep any pets in the apartment, such as cats, dogs, birds, etc., and similar pets.


24. Can I change the dormitory door lock by myself?

It is forbidden to add or change door locks to the room.


25. Can I bring people outside the school into the dormitory?

To ensure the safety of international students and maintain public order, visitors who need to enter the international student dormitory for special reasons must present their valid ID (passport, work permit or ID card, etc.), fill in the meeting form, and be verified by the apartment management. Only then can enter the apartment to meet guests. If there is no valid certificate, the manager has the right to refuse to enter the dormitory.


26. Can outsiders stay overnight in the dormitory?

Visitors should leave the apartment before the end of the prescribed meeting time and are not allowed to stay overnight in the international student apartment.

Meeting time: Monday to Friday [09:00~22:30], Saturday and Sunday [09:00~23:00]


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