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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival


On September 13, 2019, our school organized international students in China to go to the Ruiying Tuhui Culture International Camp for a Mid-Autumn Festival cultural experience activity with the theme of "Welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrate the festive season". Fifteen international students from 7 countries including Madagascar, Laos, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan participated in the event.


The event was rich in content and diverse in form. International students in China not only learned about the Mid-Autumn Festival's traditional culture but also experienced Mid-Autumn Festival's traditional folk customs such as making moon cakes and making lanterns. In the game session of "Finding Five Grains, Seeking Abundance", the international students got to know Chinese five grains such as rice, millet, rice, wheat, and sunk and experienced the Chinese people's hope for the harvest of grains during the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the moon cake DIY session, foreign students made moon cakes by themselves and tasted the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival; at the end of the event, the international students made "koi lanterns". Simple materials such as plastic bottles and multicolored paper are transformed into multicolored lanterns under their skillful hands. The international students hope to harvest good luck with this.


This activity provided a good opportunity for international students to study and exchange in China, which not only enhanced the sense of belonging and happiness of the international students in the Hong University but also gave them a more perceptual understanding of traditional Chinese festivals. , But also further experience the profound Chinese culture.



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