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Students won the second prize in Intercultural Competence Competition



On April 25, the "Foreign Education Club Cup" National College Student Intercultural Ability Competition came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. Our school team participated in the national cross-cultural competence competition for college students for the first time, and won the second prize (the fifth in the country) with outstanding results, achieving a historic breakthrough. The team members are Guo Weinan, major in polymer materials and engineering in 2018, Li Wenhan major in English in 2018, and Du Boxuan, major in geographic information science in 2019. Teachers from the School of Foreign Languages Liu Li and Zhang He gave careful guidance to the students.


Our school participating teams (from left to right: Guo Weinan, Du Boxuan, Li Wenhan)


The "Waijiaoshe Cup" National College Student Intercultural Competence Competition is guided by the China Education International Exchange Association. The theme of "Strengthening Cultural Confidence and Enhancing International Understanding", focuses on building a first-class language and cultural competition platform for college students and promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. And promote the "Belt and Road" international cooperation to cultivate compound, high-quality outstanding international talents. Our school’s participating team emerged from the Anhui Provincial College Student Cross-Cultural Competence Competition held on November 21-22 last year and qualified for the national competition by qualifying for the national competition with the first prize and second place in the provincial competition. . Due to the epidemic, the national finals originally scheduled to be held in December 2020 have been postponed to April 2021. A total of 23 teams from 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) from Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Henan, and Inner Mongolia participated in the finals (including 3 teams from overseas students). On the first day of the final, each team performed original case performances and displays, used cross-cultural communication-related concepts and theories to conduct case analysis, and answered questions from the judges. Participating teams from various provinces showed their talents and demonstrated on-site design cases based on different themes of "multicultural life", "public diplomacy" and "business communication", and conducted fierce competitions. A total of 10 teams advanced to the second-day finals. On the second day of the finals, the contestants will draw the video of the game in advance and prepare for 30 minutes in the preparation room. The three team members work together to analyze and interpret key events with appropriate cross-cultural knowledge, make suggestions, and answer questions from the judges. . Followed by "Quick Questions and Answers", "Telling Chinese Stories" and other links. There were many sessions in the competition, which fully demonstrated the players' understanding of cross-cultural concepts and theories, spread the voice of China in the new era, and promoted international cultural exchanges. After the whole-hearted guidance of the instructor and the whole-hearted preparation of the participating teams, our school's participating teams rushed from the finals to the finals, and won the national fifth place in the finals, and won the second prize of the national finals.


Our school team show case analysis


Behind the excellent results is inseparable from the hard work and extraction. The competition lasted for half a year from the school selection and provincial competitions to the national finals in October last year. During the period, our school team members carefully prepared and actively prepared for the competition under the guidance of the instructor after class and weekends, and continued to train online during the winter vacation. In the course of more than half a year of study, I have honed my basic skills, enriched cross-cultural knowledge, and the team has made continuous breakthroughs. The three members on the field show their demeanor and work together to demonstrate the good comprehensive quality of our college students. At the awards ceremony after the competition, Guo Weinan, as a representative of the participating team members, performed the flute solo "Swagger urges the horse to transport food", won warm applause from friends at home and abroad, and once again demonstrated the youthful demeanor of our school students.


Group photo of our school's participating teams and instructors


In recent years, the students of our school have achieved good results in various English subject competitions at the national, provincial, and municipal levels, which fully demonstrates the outstanding achievements of the School of Foreign Languages in cultivating interdisciplinary, high-quality outstanding international talents. The college insists on taking students as the center, deepening the comprehensive reform of education and teaching, promoting the construction of teaching management and teaching style and style, and effectively improving the quality of talent training. The college optimized its institutional settings and established a college English basic stage teaching and research department (subject to the course teaching and research section, course competition, and testing teaching and research section) to undertake the teaching and research work of the basic stage of college English for non-English major undergraduates; the college English improvement stage teaching and research department (subsidiary Curriculum Teaching and Research Office, Curriculum Competition and Test Teaching and Research Office), undertake the teaching and research work of college English improvement stage for non-English major undergraduates; College English Teaching Reform Center (Teaching Guidance and Quality Process Supervision Center) undertakes college English teaching plan planning and research college English Teaching process: Collecting and analyzing college English teaching data, teaching supervision services and management, etc. College English teaching implements bi-weekly regular seminars, and conducts in-depth seminars on the improvement of college English course teaching quality, teaching method improvement, teaching concept update, teaching process management, etc., and effective measures are taken to solidify the results of the discussion into the talent training plan, Implemented in the reform of teaching content and teaching methods, reflected in the improvement of teachers’ teaching level, committed to comprehensively improving the comprehensive use of English of our school students, striving to create a "golden class", eliminate "water classes", and build a more class, Micro-classes, explore networked and information-based teaching methods, fully implement online and offline hybrid teaching models, and effectively improve the quality of college English teaching.


The college attaches great importance to subject competitions, formulates the organization and management of subject competitions, strengthens the team-building of instructors and the management of the instruction process, establishes a team of instructors, formulates training plans, actively prepares for the competition, helps the English subject competition to create brilliant again, and promotes college English teaching The quality has reached a new level, and strive to make new contributions to the training of international talents and the construction of "Double First-Class" in our school.


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